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Septerhed has been a fixture in the Los Angeles street art scene for some time. At first he appeared with some interesting cult style posters featuring wolves and serpents but has recently evolved into a mural painting madman. Septerhed's black and white illustrations have a timeless feel, pulling inspiration from 15th century religious art and pixacao graffiti they can also feel placeless. Maybe the duality of Septerhed's art being both ephemeral and eternal is what fuels his madness. Here at DBH we are excited and welcome original artists like Septerhed, as much as we love t-shirt graphics, its refreshing to see art that is not created with the canvas or anyone's opinions in mind.

Introducing Septerhed, Mural Painting Madman and Street Artist from LA

Q: You were born in Japan? When did you come to the states and how long have you been in LA?

I only lived in Japan for a year and then my parents moved. I have been in LA for about 14 years

Q: You went to art school for graphic design, do you still work in that industry?

I actually went for Advertising. I minored in Graphic Design. I interned at all the top agencies and graduated at the top of my class. When I got out, I had severe trouble finding a job. I don't know if it was me, the economic timing, or my school. Whatever it was, I gave it my best shot. It broke my heart to not make it in that Industry. So I turned to art. My senior thesis was actually branding myself as "Septerhed" which I have had way more success at. My only regret now is the insane amount of loans I will never be able to pay off. If I disappear one day, Sallie Mae did it.

Q: Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day would be waking up next to the girl I recently lost and somehow everything being back to the way it was. Then drawing something so perfect that I would being able to ignore the voices in my head long enough to breathe. Seeing some emails about sales or potential opportunities. Posting a link to the features simultaneously published in Juztapoz and High Fructose. To look at a box full of brand new paint from MTN on my floor while heading out of the door to travel the world and paint buildings!!!!

Q: When did you start putting stuff up in the street?

I became a street artist shortly after I graduated from art school. It was a personal challenge that I had to overcome just to see if I could do it. Thats all it was about, besides sharing my art with society. I went crazy with it for a long time. I became so poor that I had to make a decision between pasting and painting. I had pasted most everywhere that I could get a rush from so I decided to start doing murals. i could either spend money on the same image over and over...or spend it on paint and challenge myself to creating 4-5 original murals. The challenge attracted me.

Q: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Vyal, hands down. Dudes a MASTER.

Q: Your art has really evolved into something far more personal than what was in the street initially. Can you talk about your transformation?

A lot of the images that I started out with were things that I couldn't create identically without the help of a computer. I don't like that. For instance my name. I changed and manipulated a lot of things to create my name...more like a logo. But if I had to sign something, there is no way I could reproduce it. There is nothing wrong with making things on a computer, but I craved the tactile bond of creating and being represented by what I could actually draw. What you see is what I did, plain and simple. I feel that art is at it's purest when the creator feels close to it. For me I want to be able to reproduce anything that you have seen me do on the spot. Thats the craft, thats the art. When I started the line drawing style, it felt special. I have always been an ok illustrator, but the style that I am working on helps me become a stronger one by simply feeling secure with my ability to try harder subjects with confidence. Things that I would have never tried to draw if I didn't do it my way with my aesthetic. Now I draw whatever the hell I want, and that feels GREAT.

Q: Your art is psychedelic at times, do you do drugs for inspiration?

Not anymore. I did enough drugs to forever be high. The "psychedelic" to which you are referring to comes from many years of studying line weight and black and white compositions. I love art that moves and jumps and basically wrecks eyeballs. Art is cool, but if it doesn't make me trip out, then it's quite basic and banal. Art that messes with what you are seeing is magic. IT MOVES. How is that not the most fucking awesome thing ever?

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