Staff Picks Collections

The best dressed company on the internet is here with an abundance of staff picks for your perusal. We hand pick some of the best, funniest and most beautiful artwork that Design by Humans has to offer to share with you. Some of our favorites are below, and you can check out the rest of our Staff Picks collections!

Josh, Graphic Designer A geometric map to nowhere in particular is emblematic of Josh'€™s staff picks, where the journey is so much more than the destination.

Katya, Social Media Manager Never mind the blocks, it'€™s the Mario Bros. One part nerd to one part rock and roll, that's Katya's staff picks.

Alisa, Affiliate Manager Let's have a few more trees and a few less assholes. Alisa's staff picks are all about the nature and the humor.

Bianca, Recruiter The heroes of your nerdy childhood come to life in this classic gaming inspired shirt, and in Bianca'€™s staff picks collection.

Kymberlea 'Color me happy,'€ Kymberlea says of her collection, colorful, bright, and uplifting, just like this adventurous design.

Trey, Gaming Director Fitting for our Gaming Director, Trey's staff picks are an assortment of gaming and geeky designs sure to charm, like this piece from our Diablo III collection.

Lindsey, Customer Service Lindsey'€™s collection is eclectic, charming, and often funny, as this clever giraffe epitomizes.

Cassie, Community Manager Cassie's staff picks are surreal, whimsical and beautiful illustrations showcasing a softer side of Design by Humans. Or an octopus and a bear riding a bicycle. For the win.

Jeff, Owner Jeff's staff picks tend toward the natural, favoring bold geometric designs with a heavy helping of nature to them. Like this llama, his collection wants to take you on an adventure.

Mathematical! It's the Pi Day Collection

Batman v Superman