STAR WARS GIVEAWAY - Why haven't you clicked this yet?

I have four words for you. Star. Wars. Console. Giveaway.

That's right. We're celebrating May the Fourth with a giveaway featuring Star Wars Battlefront, The Force Awakens on DVD or Blu-Ray, a $100 DBH gift card to buy all the shirts your nerdy heart desires and the coup de grace'€” winner's choice of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


Additionally on May 4th we'll be hosting a variety of your favorite Twitch Streamers for some good ol' Battlefront smack downs. Steamer line up to be announced soon(ish). You'll be able to view the streams on the giveaway page linked above or you can view the festivities on TWITCH. HINT: You may be able to get some extra giveaway entries by tuning into these streams.

The giveaway will close May 4th at Midnight PST. SO MOVE YOUR BOOTIES!
Here's the link again just in case.

Eco Collection Update

Riding your bike to work was so last EarthDay