Tee Grinder Hits Ten Million Grinds!

Thanks to you, our awesome friends on DBH, yesterday the Design By Humans Tee Grinder hit'€Drumroll please'. Ten million grinds and counting! So to thank all of you grinders out there, we'€™re offering a special Tee Grinder deal. Get that grinder spinning, because until Friday, September 27th, you will receive your three T-shirts for only $20! This is an incredible opportunity, so take a gamble and try out our Tee Grinder!

The Tee Grinder was released a little over one year ago--a T-shirt gamble offering a an irresistible deal. Select your gender and size, click the '€˜Grind'€™ button, and like a slot machine three T-shirts will be selected for you at random. Click '€˜add to cart'€™ and you receive those unique tees at an incredibly discounted price.

A lot of work goes into designing something as awesome as the Tee Grinder. It can be a long but fun process. Check out some of the original ideas for the layout of the Tee Grinder before we came up with the final design!

The Tee Grinder has come a long way with ten million grinds in just over a year'€™s time. That'€™s 27,397 grinds a day; 1,141 grinds an hour; 90 grinds a minute! And if that doesn'€™t astound your face off, since it hit the ten million mark yesterday, we'€™ve received another 200,000 grinds!

We love that you enjoy this feature so much and hope that you'€™ll enjoy this week'€™s super Tee Grinder discount as well as the huge new selection of T-shirts we'€™ve added! So remember, three shirts for $20 until Friday!

What are you still doing here!?

Alex Chousmith, Cat Tee Connoisseur

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