The Best Zombie Shirts on Halloween

Its no question if your following trends, Zombies are very much alive right now. The living dead have made their way to hundreds of shirts over the last few months. With the combination of more zombies on tv and in the movies, on video games, along with news of the zombie apocalypse and bath salts. The designers at Design By Humans has taken their living dead ideas and made some great t shirt designs. Happy Halloween with the best Zombie Shirts

Best Zombie T Shirts

Zombies in Love on a special Halloween day.

Zombies in Love

Take a look at Zombie Frenzy, an in your face look illustration of a zombie being shot by a bullet, with blood splattering all over the shirt. This over sized print is a true icon in Zombieland.

Zombie Frenzy T Shirts

A new upload from roncabardz called Zombies is a dramatic detailed illustration of zombies about to chow down on a pin up girl. It’s a dramatic contrast of beauty and beast.

Zombie T Shirts with girl

Here yee Here yee. Zombies are in the news with war, apocalypses, tv shows etc. Grab the Zombie times now and read up on your local walking dead news.

Zombie News Graphic Shirt

Survive Zombie News Shirt

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