The Photography in T Shirt Design Content

The new Photography in T Shirt Design contest is live as of November 9th. This is a whole new kind of photography contest specialized for t shirt design. Take or find one of your iconic photographs and manipulate it to a t-shirt design. This is an opportunity for t shirt designers to show off their photography and creative design skills.

The Photography in T Shirt Design Contest

We will be looking at the fundamentals of photography; composition, color, contrast, line, focus and texture. Here are some photography techniques that translate into great tshirt designs.

Composition '€“ Does the picture have an interesting subject matter or environment? Photographers often use the rule of thirds to keep the image from looking snapshot and too symetrical. The main subject should be framed on a third of the image. Great photography compositions also have leading lines from the foreground to the background.

Color '€“ How does color enchance the photograph and t shirt design? There are natural color harmonies, vibrant and monochromatic colors to reference. You should know the type of colors you are using for a t shirt blank and in the design.

Texture '€“ Many successful photographs have interesting textures like metal, wood, decay, leaves, reflections, etc.

Contrast '€“ The light and shadows in a photograph can create a great composition. Pay attention to the lighting of the subject matter and cascading shadow.

Creativity '€“ The most interesting t shirt designs consist of many or all great design techniques. The creativity is the spark in which you make the photograph the iconic t shirt design that stands out against the competition.

You can use these basic photography ideas to compose an interesting t shirt design with a variety of visual techniques. Photography can be a powerful tool in design and the challenge in this contest is to make an exciting photograph that highlights the design.

You can read more and enter the contest on the Photo Design Contest page.

Photography T Shirt Design Contest

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