Time to Spring Forward

Just a heads up to everyone out there, starting today the United States is springing forward an hour and you know what that means, an earlier Monday morning. It might take a little while to get used to the lost hour but if you are having trouble staying awake, here are some funny & cute t-shirts that know how you feel. And even if where you live hasn't gone through it yet, it won't be long... Running Out of Time by Wotto This Calavera Character is almost out of time. His feathered companion looks worried as the seconds tick away. This day of the dead inspired piece is dark and full of little details. Make sure to set your clocks! (if they don't change automatically)

Sleep is for the Weak by fayde Not even a cute panda mug full of coffee can help this guy stay awake in the morning. Use this shirt to let people know how you really feel about the day. *yawn*

The Working Dead by AndyWestface You know what it's like, working away, doing the same thing over and over 8-5. Like being a zombie. This funny parody is a perfect representation of office drones working their life away and may represent how we all will look come Monday at work.

I Hate Mornings by HappyHellodesign Who wants to get up early in the morning when you're so comfy under your warm blanket? Especially when it's an hour earlier than usual. Not us...maybe Monday will make a good sick day...

Virgosaurus by PepsVirgo Virgosaurus is a half-human and half-saurus sleepyhead who can only survive with big amounts of COFFEE! Virgosaurus not only knows how hard it is to get up, but also how to look good while doing it. We're sure you'll also look good in a DBH Virgosaurus shirt.

Not a Morning Person by PolySciGuy Getting up early is not this owl's thing. He could probably use a couple extra hours of sleep... maybe even a whole day. He's probably going to enjoy the spring forward as much as the rest of us.

More tees to help you make it through Monday!

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