Two Heads Are Better Than One: 4 Inspiring Artists That Work In Pairs

Ingkong Graphic T Shirts

Many people say that great things come in pairs, and we couldn't agree more. When it comes to truly inspiring artwork, two designers can be better than one. All artists have their own distinct styles, motivations, and preferences. When combined, these unique styles can complement each other, resulting in some rare pieces of art and some amazing collaborations.

Want to see for yourself? Check out the 4 inspirational DBH artists below.


DBH Artists Ingkong hail from the Philippines and have an impressive display of artwork in their Collective. This team of artists consists of husband and wife who have an amazing passion for surreal art. Their collaborative designs feature kooky animals, detailed illustrations, mixed urban themes, photo-realistic imagery and super bright, neon colors that are sure to amaze! Want to learn more about this team of designers? Learn more in the Ingkong artist interview.

2 of their brightly colored t shirt designs, Space Panda and The Escape, were also recently featured in our Top Tees of 2013 Blog.

IngKong Artist Reps

We Came In Colors by Ingkong
Mind-blowing neon colors cover this metropolis city when aliens invade!

More Artwork from Ingkong

IngKong Panda Space Tee Vinyl City Music Graphic Tee Ninja Samuri ESCAPE AShirts


The collaboration we know as Nicebleed was created in 2008, and is a unique project between two brothers, Francis and Laurence Minoza. Both brothers are involved in art, illustration, graphic design and apparel design that makes for one heck of a design portfolio. Their artwork features a mix of illustrations and mixed media that contain animals, nature, dark themes and pop surrealism.

Nicebleed is also our 2nd most printed designer and has secured 18 wins in our previous '€œShirt Of The Day'€ Contests. They have made quite an impression on the t shirt design community and are a force to be reckoned with! Learn more about this cool duo in the Nicebleed artist interview.

Pixel Overload Graphic Shirt 8 Bit Tee

Pixel Overload by Nicebleed
Turn off the TV and grab some of that old-school attitude! This retro, neon-colored design was also was the winner of our 8-bit contest.

More Artwork by Nicebleed

No other way graphic tee Pollination Fire Art Print Cat Vador Star Wars T Shirt


DBH artist FalcaoLucas was created as a unique illustration project by a couple who are also designers, musicians and illustrators in Portugal. FalcaoLucas designs feature vector work, surrealism and bright, complementary colors. Although FalcaoLucas may be new to the DBH community, they'€™re already showing impressive potential with their surrealistic and unique t shirt designs. Their art is sure to make anyone take a second look!

Steampunk Tee by Falcaolucas

Steampunk by Falcaolucas
Steampunk fashion & style meets the vector art world in this eye-catching t shirt design.

New Artwork by Falcaolucas

Saint Basils Graphic Tee Past Present and future Art Print by Falcaolucas Falcaolucas Sun Phone Case

iing aka "The Babybirds"

New DBH artists iing also known as "The Babybirds" is an adorable collaboration between a husband, wife and their young daughter. Both husband and wife were visual and graphic designers in the field before they decided to start their own design company at home. Their company, '€œThe Babybirds'€ focuses on carefree design and silly, fun projects. In addition to t shirt design projects, they are also passionate about photography, cooking, travel, blogging and arts & crafts. Iing'€™s design portfolio on DBH is filled with cute and fun designs with colorful patterns and sketches to detailed animal illustrations that are sure to make you smile.

Horsey Shirt by Inng

Horsey by iing
Hundreds of tiny hand-drawn shapes create this stunning illustration of a horse.

More Artwork by iing

Forest Doodle Shirts Navajo Pattern Shirt Geometric Patterns Phone Case by Iing

Why not prove that two heads are better than one? Try pairing up with another t shirt designer when working on your next project. Their knowledge can give you an entirely different outlook on your project and they can help you with your creative blocks.

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