Unique Character Tees

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will" '€“ George Bernard Shaw

Tons of unique, funny and weird character designs have been surfacing here at DesignByHumans. These quirky characters range from sweet monsters to dorky animals and have us smiling from ear to ear. Character design is one of those things that makes us appreciate the differences in our international artists because no character is the same!

the passengers wotto unique character cartoon monster giraffe cute smile

The Passengers by Wotto
This character design shows a blue, tattooed monster carrying all his woes and troubles on his back - with a smile! Blending detailed elements together such as the monster's tattoos and coffee cup, along with all the little ghost's eyes and expressions create an extremely unique and must-have piece of art.

unique character coffeehead coffee poopsmoothie tshirt tee design funny

Coffee Head by poopsmoothie
Need a pick me up? Grab some java with this cool character design and get workin! This design uses complementary colors (orange and teal) that create a soothing color scheme and it's main theme resonates with audiences everywhere: we all need our coffee!

unzipped krisren28 monster zipper clothes fashion style tshirt tee graphic tee cute monster

Unzipped by Krisren28
Can you keep 'em contained? These little monsters are bursting from the seams. The three colors used in this design makes for an interesting blend of stand-out characters.

weird DJ tokyocandies tshirt tee graphic design rave dubstep music headphones vinyl monster character cartoon smile

Weird DJ by TokyoCandies
Enter a world of weirdness in this one-eyed monster design! This monster looks like he's ready for the next dubstep concert with his bunny costume and retro headphones. Clean vector shapes and great color choices make the design successful - This monster was created with tertiary colors (red-orange, orange-yellow and blue-green).

pugnomie huebucket tshirt tee graphicdesign gnome roam pug dog puppy mushroom cute

Pugnomie by huebucket
You'll never roam alone! Detailed illustration and photo-realism combine to make this adorable Pugnomie. Pulling from different elements that you love can make your character design successful, such as incorporating your love for dogs and your love of that awesome roaming gnome...

travelocity roaming gnome travel world

monsters monstersinc disney pixar cute adorable cartoon character monsters in the closet recycledwax

Monsters In The Closet by Recycledwax
What was that? There's something hiding in your closet! This simple character design uses complementary colors (green and purple) to really make those funny monsters stand out! Again, simple details like expressions and outfits make these characters truly unique to the artist.

scooterbear yo cute bear animal tshirt tee chracter cartoon drawing

Scooter Bear by louisroskosch
Yo! Take a ride with the cool bear and you're sure to get people smiling. This quick doodle incorporates hand-drawn lines and subtle details that make this character look like he was pulled from the pages of your notebook.

character cartoon to the stars teeth smile balloon happy unique vector tshirt graphic tee

To The Stars by muttley
Get your smile on! The characters in this design look menacing, yet adorable as they reach for the stars. These little monsters are eye-catching because of the artist's bold 2-color design and the simple vectors and colors are sure to make these characters pop on any T shirt.

Dig deep for your next character design, it's a chance to let your imagination run wild. If you really want to make your little monsters stand out, use a strong color palette similar to the designs above. Vector art and thick outlines can help you create quirky cartoon-like characters as well. Good luck on your next unique character design!

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