We’re Saved! Oh Wait…Are We? Marvel’s Strangest Heroes

We’re Saved! Oh Wait…Are We? Marvel’s Strangest Heroes

We can’t wait to catch Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp premiere (maybe in a mason jar with a twig and a leaf) on July 6th, 2018. Scott Lang will take up his Ant-Man suit again and join Hank Pym and the Wasp, Hope Van Dyne, on a mission to uncover secrets and defeat the mysterious villain, Ghost.

We love Ant-Man; Scott Lang is a reminder that anyone – even a former criminal – can become a hero. Still, though, we can’t help but wonder how exactly Marvel has managed to make an insect into a beloved and unstoppable hero. I mean, the Hulk can turn into a giant green monster, Deadpool is practically immortal, and – well – Ant-Man can shrink to the size of an ant? Mhmm, that seems anti-climactic and just a little unfair.

Yet, somehow, Marvel can create the most surprising, unusual, and hilarious characters who are powerful and unstoppable (if not, weird); we can’t wait to see what sort of adventures and mischief they get up to.

Here are some of Marvel’s most unconventional heroes and villains:

1) Hellcow

Bessie, or Hellcow, is a vampire cow. The adorable cow was born and raised in Switzerland in the 1600’s until – dun dun dun – she was bitten and killed by Dracula! Now she prowls the night – plodding and slow, she’s still a cow after all – in search of her next meal. Do I hear Marvel’s next moo-vie idea?

2) Maggott

Japheth, or “Maggott”, is exactly what his name implies. The X-Men’s digestive system is made up of two intelligent slug-like creatures, called Eany and Meany, that hang out in his stomach and leave only when they need to feed; in turn, they provide him with super-human abilities. No, thanks. I’d rather be Ant-Man any day.

3) Doop

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…Doop? We don’t quite know what Doop is. He may be the result of a Cold War era experiment; he is a floating green glob, who speaks his own undecipherable language, and has two brains, one in his head and one in his…um…hindquarters.


3) Howard the Duck

Howard is, well, a duck…he wears a tie and no pants (and what is it with cartoon ducks and no pants anyway); he can’t really be considered either a hero or a villain. He’s just a duck living out his life in Duckworld, when he is accidentally transported to Earth. He does know some martial arts though – Quak-Fu – if he needs to help save the world at some point.

4) Thunder Frog

The human, Simon Walterson, was cursed to live out his life as the frog, Puddlegulp, in New York City’s Central Park. Eventually, Puddlegulp meets and saves the Asgardian Prince, Thor (who has also been turned into a frog. It’s a long story…) and is granted the power to become Throg, Frog of Thunder, and wielder of Frogjolnir (a small piece of Thor’s magical hammer, Mjolnir) by Thor. We couldn’t have made this up if we tried…

5) Modok

Poor Modok. All the other villains get cool weapons or booming sinister laughter…and he gets to be an ugly giant head. George Tarleton underwent an experiment to make him smarter and – in the process – was turned into a hideous monster with a giant head and an unusable body. He does get to fly around on his super cool hover chair named the Doomsday Chair though…so I guess that is scary?

Marvel creates imaginative and beloved characters. We may not always understand them, but we sure love learning about them. And Ant-Man may not be the oddest hero out in the Marvel Universe, but he is still definitely one of our favorites.

Get ready to watch Ant-Man in action, or escaping giant flying Pez, at the film premiere with a new DBH Ant-Man and the Wasp tee.

Featured Artist: CavemanJam

Featured Artist: CavemanJam

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#ArtVsArtist – The Face Behind the Art