Werewolf Tees

The world's immense fascination with werewolves on shows like "Vampire Diaries", "Teen Wolf" and movies like "Twilight" and "Underworld" have made wolf and werewolf tees a must-have. These menacing horror characters often feature snarling long teeth, piercing eyes and transformations under the moon. Our Collective artists have used some impressive artistic methods to make these transforming creatures into something you'd want to rock on your chest.

Werewolf Skull by missmonster
This creepy werewolf skull was designed by artist Missmonster, reigning queen of monster character design here at DBH. The skull is a blend of a human and wolf, which makes it look that much creepier. The orange and yellows make this skull look as if it glowing and the details in the teeth make you only imagine what the real monster looks like!

Beware The Moors by missmonster
This howling werewolf was also designed by artist Missmonster. This cool blue werewolf design features wolf's bane flowers and a moon cycle above a snarling werewolf's head. The subtle moon cycle was a great added touch for those who love werewolf folklore. "Beware The Moors" is also a famous quote from 1980s horror film "An American Werewolf in London", which is missmonster's opinion, is the best werewolf movie ever made.

Werewolf by Jademan3000
This snarling werewolf design takes "night fright" to a whole new level. Bright yellow eyes and dripping, bloody teeth make this minimalist werewolf even scarier. Painterly effects and texturing gives this werewolf tee an urban art feel.

Big Bad Wolf by skaryllska
Where is little red riding hood? While this story typically features a big bad wolf, we think this wolf looks more a like a huge, menacing werewolf. The long snarling face and grossly curved back of this werewolf make him the perfect horror character for this dark tee.

All The Better To See You With by DrSpazmo
This mutant werewolf is biting at the moon! This design is a beautifully rendered piece of digital art that mixes wolves and werewolves together in this mutant design. Three glowing, yellow eyes are a subtle hint at the mutant nature of this animal, while the size relation of the werewolf's mouth to the moon makes him look menacingly huge!

wolfgami origami wolf wolves moon howl tshirt tee graphic

Blood Thirsty II by hydro74
This blood-thirsty werewolf will eat your soul! Cool teal, blue, green and yellow colors give new life to this mutant, snarling animal. This cool, detailed line art depicts a werewolf's head with piercing red eyes. Extreme details in the fur really sell this werewolf design and give it a semi-realistic look.

Lunacy by ianleino
This impressive, detailed werewolf was created entirely by hand with scratchboard, which shows off the artist's drawing abilities. Dark details reveal semi-realistic fur of this howling werewolf. This design also shows the cycle of transformation with moons and the animal's struggling duality.

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