“Wish You Were Here”: Han Solo’s Guide to Cloud City

“Wish You Were Here”: Han Solo’s Guide to Cloud City

The new Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere is right around the corner and we can’t wait to find out more about our favorite scoundrel, Han Solo, or meet new characters like Qi’ra, Tobias Beckett, and Val. The latest chapter in the Star Wars story transports audiences back – years before the events of A New Hope – to meet the young smuggler, or the “Kid from Corellia”.

We’ll finally get the chance to see Lando Calrissian and Solo meet, Chewbacca and Solo become BFFs, and maybe even hear about Han Solo’s mysterious childhood! However, May 25th is still a long way away, and we might need a little something to distract us. Did someone say vacation? We’re thinking it’s time to take a trip to the Las Vegas in a galaxy far, far away: Cloud City! Han Solo knows all the best spots for us!

Grab your sunblock, your fanny-pack, and your DBH Solo: A Star Wars Story tee because Cloud City is the place to be and here’s why:

1) Tell Me the Odds – Gambler’s Paradise:

Las Vegas has nothing on the luxurious Cloud City. The top 50 levels of the city are famous for deluxe resorts and famous casinos like the Yarith Bespin or Pair O’Dice. In fact, I’ve heard you can even win an entire ship (sorry Lando…Solo says he won the Millennium Falcon fair and square!) playing sabacc. Forget about casino tokens, I want a spaceship!

2) Segway? No Thanks, We’ve Got Cloud Cars:

Who needs a Segway when you can tour Cloud City in a Cloud Car? Hitch a ride on a Cloud Car and check out the local sites in style. Snap a photo of a weird animal like the winged tibannuck, velker, or even that bizarre plankton that floats through Cloud City.

3) Heigh Ho, It’s Off to the Mine We Go:

Cloud City is a Tibanna gas mining colony. You may not be as interested in seeing the lower levels of the city (where the actual mining and processing of the gas takes place) but – hey – every vacation needs something educational to impress people back home with, right?

4) Sunset Cruise:

Enjoy a beautiful sunset over the red planet, Bespin, and its many moons. Cloud City’s unique flora, or floating algae – like the “Pinks” which give the skyline a pinkish glow or the “Glowers” that give the night a purplish glow – make for a beautiful photo to make everyone jealous with this year’s Christmas card.

5) Pool Time:

Cloud City floats high in the clouds above the planet Bespin. The gaseous planet may not be the ideal spot to hang out but – lucky for you – Cloud City is positioned high above the poisonous surface; in fact, the cloud level is the idyllic temperature and has the perfect amount of sun for any tourist hoping to relax by the pool. Forget about dusty Tatooine or icy Hoth, we’ve got the perfect spot right here!

So, buckle up and get ready to head into hyperdrive because we’re on our way to Cloud City! Be sure to reconnect with old friends like Han Solo, Chewie, and Lando Calrissian, or meet up with new favorites like Qi’ra, Tobias Beckett, and Val on your trip. Grab a Design By Humans Solo: A Star Wars Story shirt for the trip during DBH’s Solo: A Star Wars Story launch!

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