Evil Geniuses Wins the First Season of the Halo Championship Series With a Dominating Performance

It all started with nine MLG teams vying for the Halo 4 vs. 4 title, and came down to two, Evil Geniuses and Counter Logic Gaming. What followed was nearly 1 hour of mayhem and destruction.

EG lived up to their name, taking home the win (and $50k) after a 3-0 clean sweep that saw EG ultimately victorious for the 2nd time in final matches against rivals Counter Logic Gaming.

Even though teammate and world-class Halo player Justin Lee '€œiGotUrPistola'€ Deese has been out since December recovering from a fractured pinky, EG'€™s new recruit Lxthul was ready to step up in his place. The team, consisting of Eric "Snipedown" Wrona, Justin "Roy" Brown, Jason "Lunchbox" Brown, and Tony "Lxthul" Campbell, put a major hurt on the competition - Master Chief style - and walked away with the prize money, an awesome trophy and some epic bragging rights.

After a long journey through the bracket, EG surpassed 7 other teams (Denial eSports, OpTic Gaming, Cloud9, Str8 Rippin, eLevate, Noble Black and Vibe) to advance to the final, where they would be pitted against rival gamers Counter Logic Gaming (CLG).

CLG was just coming off a marathon session where they edged out underdog Noble Black after 4 overtimes, when they advanced to meet top-seed EG in the final round.

The fireworks started in the first match when the EG team went on a rampage in Capture The Flag both by executing major damage with the sniper and holding it down with the rocket launcher. By the time Neutral Bomb rolled around, the match was 2-0 and all but won for the boys of EG.

The fancy scope-work of Eric '€œSnipedown'€ Wrona featured prominently in Evil Geniuses win in 3 straight matches. Snipedown definitely lived up to his name in the series - racking up kill after kill, executing crucial rocket control, and almost telepathically reading enemy movements (To witness the awesomeness that is Snipedown, check out EG starting to really own at around minute 8 of the twitch feed).

We at DBH may be a little biased, (we are EG sponsors after all) but a championship win like this this deserves some recognition! Let'€™s meet the team shall we?

Tony "Lxthul" Campbell Age- 21 | Twitter Handle- @Lxthul Specializes in- Sniper work, Sanctuary in Halo 2

Jason "Lunchbox" Brown Age- 25 | Twitter Handle- @mlglunchbox -Won the MLG Halo National Championship and the 2v2 Championship in 2011

Justin '€œRoy'€ Brown Age- 25 | Twitter Handle- @theRoyBorg - Twin brother to Lunchbox - Founding member of Instinct

Eric "Snipedown" Wrona Age- 24 | Twitter Handle- @edwsnip3down -MLG since 2008 -Won his first MLG title at MLG Orlando 2008 with Triggers Down

Justin Lee '€œiGotUrPistola'€ Deese Age- 23 | Twitter Handle- @igoturpistola -Considered one of the top Halo players in the world -First competed at age 13 in 2007

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Next up for EG is Season 2 of the Halo Championship Series, beginning with Iron Games HCS Atlanta and hosted by Iron Gaming on April 17-19.

In the meantime, congrats to the Season 1 Halo Championship crew for reppin'€™ EG to the fullest and going home with the big win (and a buttload of cash)!

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