Tee Zombie Apocalypse

When you're running down the street trying to escape the Zombie Apocalypse, make sure you do it whilst looking good in your MR-NICOLO Zombie Frenzy tee.  Not even bath salts will make this shirt look tame.  This explosive Zombie design welcomes the Zombie Apocalypse in style with vibrant neon pinks and greens.

Zombie Apocalypse Shirt

We've all seen and heard the news lately in Florida.  Individuals around the globe are consuming bath salts and turning to their neighbors for a snack.   Wearing this Zombie shirt might make an angry cannibal running your way think that you're on the same side as he.

If the Mayans are right or the rapture comes and zombies are consuming the people around you, make sure you look fresh in this MR-NICOLO one of a kind, Zombie hunter shirt.

Zombie Apocalypse Shirt

*Warning, do not look directly into the tee after consuming bath salts

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