9 Life Hacks for Graphic Tee Collectors

9 Life Hacks for Graphic Tee Collectors

Owning a cornucopia of epic Design By Humans graphic tees can be tough. Your drawers are overflowing; hangers are falling, clothing literally spilling through those tiny cracks between your closet doors. We have some tips and tricks and awesome life hacks to help you handle your massive wardrobe, and keep your tees in top notch condition (the fast way)

1) Stack your T-shirts vertically in your drawer to double its capacity and see/have access to all of them. This also seconds as a tiny graphic art display in your drawer. How many of these tees can you recognize?

2) Collect all of your soda tabs and use them to help save space in your closet. Loop the tabs onto one hanger, and hang a second hanger in the tab'€™s second hole. Hang your shirts on your shirts!

3) How long does it take you to fold your T-shirt? Try two seconds.

  1. Pinch the shirt in the two locations shown in the video
  2. carry your left hand over your right hand and pinch the bottom of the shirt inline with the two pinch points you already have
  3. Lift up and let the shirt fall into a perfect square
  4. Place the lowest edge on a table and fold over that edge so the front design is facing up

4) So you'€™re a little sloppy and most of your clothes end up on the floor. Spray a T-shirt with water to get rid of wrinkles. This can also be done by hanging your T-shirt on your shower rod or door while you take a hot shower.

5) Okay this one is a little gross, but I know we all have this problem. Remove lovely yellow armpit stains from your T-shirts using oxyClean. A cheaper alternative to specialty products that removes the stain 100%. Avoid antiperspirants with aluminum to prevent stains in the first place.

6) Did your roommate accidentally shrink your T-shirt in his load of laundry? Well now you can un-shrink it. Soak shrunken T-shirts in a mixture of hot water and hair conditioner for five minutes and then stretch it back to its right size.

7) It'€™s a chilly morning, but you don'€™t want to cover up your graphic tee with a sweatshirt, so you're bearing the shivers for fashion. But your backpack keeps pulling up the back of your shirt letting that icy breeze in! Tuck the back of your shirt into your pants a bit and it won'€™t ride up.

8) Make your tee unique by cutting it up or upcycling it (preserving the design, of course). There are many tutorials on the web on how to change up your tee. You can find our skull tee tutorial here.

9) Preserve the quality of your Design By Humans graphic T-shirt. Don'€™t wind up like the guy in #6 with a shirt so tiny your dog could wear it. Here are some helpful washing instructions to keep that tee in tip top shape!

  • Wash your T-shirt inside out to help preserve its vibrant graphic art
  • Machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water to prevent shrinkage
  • If you really want your shirt to shrink a bit after losing those ten pounds, wash it in warm water
  • Machine drying is not recommended. Air dry your tee so it won'€™t fade!

We hope these tips, tricks and life hacks find your T-shirt organization abilities in a level of expertise, your lack of dingy yellow-stained armpits absolutely irresistible, and your backside much, much less chilly. Life thinks it can just throw T-shirts at you and it will disrupt your daily life with tedious inconveniences!? Ha! No more. We'€™ve got it on lock.

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