New York Comic Con 2018 Survival Guide

New York Comic Con 2018 Survival Guide

It’s that wonderful time of year where everything you love about comics, graphic novels, video games, and tv/movies is all in one place. Plus there’s cosplay, so we’re sold. It must be Christmas, right? Nope, it’s better than Christmas. It’s the 2018 New York Comic Con! The much-anticipated NYCC takes place from October 4th to October 7th — in downtown New York City — at the awesome Javits Center. So, pack your bags because DBH is heading to the Big Apple. Come find us!

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If you’re a first-time NYCC visitor, there are a few important rules to follow to ensure your experience is the best one possible. You’ll be surrounded by people like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Matt Smith from Doctor Who, and the badass Danai Gurira, so you’ll definitely want to look like you know what you’re doing. I mean, how could you ever live with yourself if you did something embarrassing in front of Black Panther’s Okoye? So, here are a few of our NYCC survival tips!

1) My Precious (aka Your Badge)

Be sure to activate your badge before you get to NYCC 2018 or it will not “tap green” at the entrance. Check out how to activate your badge here. Also, don’t lose it! Hold on to that badge like Gollum holds on to the magic ring in The Lord of the Rings because it’s your invitation to see everything cool for the next 4 days.

 2) Being Organized is Cool

There’s so much to see at NYCC it can be a little overwhelming. It’s like going to a buffet and filling up your plate, only to discover that there are endless desserts too (and then remembering that you still only have one stomach…). NYCC is like that! It’s filled to the brim with amazing authors, screenwriters, and actors/actresses and you’ll want to plan out every second. Download the official NYCC App to stay updated on changes, venues and more. Or, check out the upcoming Panels, Pre-Show lotteries, and Pre-Sale Autograph possibilities today!

 3) Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all

Be sure to bring cash with you. There are several cash-only items in the Center and you definitely don’t want to turn down the perfect signed autograph or that coveted photo op with your favorite character.

And crying won’t help you get it either. We’ve tried..

4) Leave the Fancy Shoes at Home

You have 4 days to see everything that dreams (and maybe even some nightmares) are made of, so bring those running shoes! We don’t actually recommend that you run though, because the Center can get pretty packed (and there are bound to be some toy cosplay swords around) but be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes at least. There’s a lot to see and you won’t want to miss out!

 5) Don’t Get Hangry

There will be long lines and long waits (all worth it, believe us) but you might get hungry. If you’re anything like us, the second you have to stand in one place for too long, you start daydreaming about all the food you didn’t bring with you.

Be sure to pack some snacks and a reusable water bottle. There are great food options available, but they can be expensive or a distraction from the more important things you want to see! You’ll appreciate a quick snack to keep up your excitement level.

 6) By Your Powers Combined!

Be sure to come with a full charge on any devices (and a backup if you have one) because you’ll be taking photos all day long. Also, remember to ask politely before taking any photos of cosplay outfits! NYCC visitors will be very excited to share their cosplay fashion, but you don’t want to be that creeper lurking in the background snapping photos of people...

 7) Be Friendly

Talk to people! You’ll be in line for a while, so you might as well make some new friends.

Plus, they may have brought better snacks than you! Friends share, right?

 8) Visit the Coolest Booth at NYCC

Did we mention that the Design By Humans booth will be there? We don’t want to brag or be too self-promoting but — heck — we’re gonna do it anyway. Don’t miss the DBH booth at NYCC this year! You’ll find us at Booth #312 (right by the Hall 3E Entrance) and we’ll have exclusive tees, hats, and more to show off. Check out a few of the exciting surprises just waiting for you at NYCC like Nintendo apparel, Star Wars track jackets, and mystery tees!

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Plus, you’ll get to meet some of the amazing DBH folks and they’ll love to see you (and show you awesome DBH swag). So, start getting ready for New York Comic Con 2018 today!

Featured Artist: RachelLaughman

Featured Artist: RachelLaughman

Featured Artist: Darruda

Featured Artist: Darruda