Yo Ho, A Pirate's Vocab for Me: Sea of Thieves FanShop Launch

Yo Ho, A Pirate's Vocab for Me: Sea of Thieves FanShop Launch

Avast ye rotten scallywags! Design By Humans is excited to announce the launch of the pirate-themed multi-player video game, Sea of Thieves, from Microsoft Studios and Rare.

The visually stunning and action-packed Sea of Thieves game promises wild adventures, hidden treasures, and the full pirate experience.

DBH is calling on its talented community of artists to design artwork for the Sea of Thieves game and be a part of a unique DBH FanShop experience.

DBH recognizes the talents of its global artist community and is excited to offer an exclusive chance for artists to design artwork that could become officially licensed apparel and merchandise for Sea of Thieves!

To learn more, check out the Sea of Thieves FanShop today.

You better pick out your pirate name now because it’s time to join up with a scurvy-ridden pirates’ crew as soon as you can! Move over, Black Beard, there’s a new pirate on the seven seas. But — before you hoist the sails for lands and treasures unknown in Sea of Thieves — take note of the five most important pirate sayings that you’ll need once you hit the open seas.

 1) Monkey

Oh my grog, someone is about to shoot you with a monkey! Wait, that sounds...messy?

Don’t worry about packing those bananas on your sea voyage though, because a “monkey” in pirate speak just means a cannon.

A bunch of monkeys loose on a pirate ship sounds like a job for Samuel L. Jackson. He knew what to do in Snakes on a Plane, right? How much worse could it be!?

 2) Head

If you learn nothing else from our DBH Pirate School, we beg that you remember “Head” means the toilet on board the ship. If you don’t, your voyage across the seven seas will feel really long.

You’ll keep asking where the bathroom is and your fellow pirates will keep muttering something about your head, or that guy’s head, or maybe even the monkey’s head?

These guys need to enunciate. Scurvy really messed with their teeth…

  3) Son of a Biscuit Eater

How DARE you! Them’s fighting words.

If someone on your crew calls you “Son of a Biscuit Eater” then — watch out — because you are definitely about to get punched in the eye patch.

A pirate fight always leaves you sore and hungry.

4) Dance the Hempen Jig


If a member of your crew asks if you want to “dance the hempen jig” they are not asking if you want to dance with them.

The phrase “dance the hempen jig” means they’re looking for a hangman’s noose and that you’re about to enjoy a dance in Davy Jones' Locker instead.

 5) Cackle fruit

Okay — we’ll be honest — cackle fruit probably won’t come up a lot during your sea voyage, but, it’s just so funny.

You can enjoy your cackle fruit scrambled, sunnyside up, or maybe even in a delicious omelet. Why eat boring old eggs, when you can eat cackle fruit instead?

We know that sailors don’t exactly have  a reputation for eating the best food, but maybe your pirate’s crew will be different! Sparrrrghetti every night!

Now that you are fully prepared with the essential pirate vocabulary, it’s time to join a thieving pirate’s crew in Sea of Thieves! Get ready to design arrrr-tistic designs to become officially licensed apparel and merchandise for the popular video game.

Channel your inner pirate with a bandanna, an eye patch, and a Design By Humans’ pirate shirt today! 


Featured Artist: TimPirozhkov98

Featured Artist: TimPirozhkov98

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