The Hero the ‘90s Needed: Captain Marvel is Da Bomb

The Hero the ‘90s Needed: Captain Marvel is Da Bomb

Marvel’s newest blockbuster Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th and fans can’t wait to learn all about Carol Danvers’ origin story. We know she’s on her way to becoming one of the galaxy’s fiercest heroes and we’re excited to see just how it all goes down between the Kree and the Skrulls and the intense battle between the two alien races. However — more importantly — we’re just happy about Samuel L. Jackson, aka Nick Fury, befriending Goose the cat. We’re not sure how, but we know (or really hope) that Goose is going to play an im-purr-tant role in Carol Danvers’ journey as a hero.

Besides Goose though, we’re also looking forward to seeing the world that Carol Danvers returns to in 1995! The 1990s was filled with epic milestones and all of the subtle ‘90s call-outs in the Captain Marvel trailers are “da bomb.” Not only does Carol Danvers crash directly into a Blockbuster movie rental, but we also see glimpses of other ‘90s nostalgia like beepers or Danvers’ Nine Inch Nails’ shirt. In fact, the official Marvel website for the film is a ‘90s throwback style that confirms the decade will be a fun and quirky element of the film that audiences will all want to go “boo-yah” for.

So, get ready to “talk to the hand” (and hear lots of other ‘90s slang) because we’re going to take a trip down memory lane to see just what Carol Danvers can expect to run into in 1995!

1) Hey Macarena: ‘90s Music

Don't go chasing waterskrulls...oops waterfalls! We may have to give up Spotify and Pandora to travel back to the ‘90s, but we’re bound to make up for it with hits like TLC’s “Waterfalls” or the ever popular “La Macarena”. We’re not sure what the Captain Marvel soundtrack will sound like yet, but we’re hoping that we get some of that timeless ‘90s Grunge or maybe even hear a line from the 1995 hit “Gangsta's Paradise” by Coolio. Either way, MTV and music videos are still cool, so we know what we’re doing on Saturday night.

And, guess what else!? Backstreet’s back! Get ready to frost your hair and match your outfits because the Boy Band craze is picking up speed in 1995 too! Captain Marvel better not leave her Walkman (or if she’s feeling fancy, her Discman) at home because she’s going to need some phat tunes to fight Talos, the leader of the Skrulls!

2) Now in Pog Form: ‘90s Toys

Carol Danvers has been having a lot of flashbacks from her earlier life on Earth and something in her past “is the key to all of this.” Who was she before the Kree found her? What’s her role in this epic battle? And how in the world can she fly a fighter jet plane like it’s no big deal?!

Well, Captain Marvel better grab her Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and start trying to organize all those memories in one place! Oh snap. Captain Marvel may not remember a lot about Earth, but she’ll be thrilled to reconnect with all of the best toys from the decade when she gets there. Maybe this time she’ll be able to figure out what the actual rules are for the game Pogs (instead of just collecting them because all her friends have them...). Or — even better — maybe she can get her hands on the Beanie Baby that’s going to be worth MILLIONS in the future. That whole “not really aging thing” might come in handy after all. She could quit her job as a hero and just start collecting Beanie Babies! Saving the world, one Beanie Baby at a time.

3) It’s the End of the World As We Know It: ‘90s Technology

Let’s hope that Captain Marvel doesn’t need to Google anything about the Skrulls to be able to defeat them. She may be out of luck if she does though... She could try visiting the local library and looking it up on a Microsoft Encarta CD-ROM or maybe she could use dial-up internet to explore the World Wide Web? At least she won’t end up down the internet rabbit hole because the “dancing baby” internet sensation doesn’t even come out until 1996!

What if Nick Fury needs to get a hold of her on the phone line while she’s on dial-up internet? I guess she’ll have her beeper at least? Jeez, how are these people supposed to get anything done!? Especially with that whole Y2K scare looming on the horizon...

4) Ugh, As If: ‘90s TV & Movies

Hopefully, Carol Danvers has time to take a break from saving the world because 1995 was the height of shows like ER, Seinfeld, and Friends. She might even want to watch one of the blockbuster hits of 1995 like Toy Story (it’s a story about a space traveler helping Earth, right?) Clueless, and Braveheart.

So when she crash-lands in the Blockbuster she should take a stroll through the New Releases section to see if there is anything that she and Nick Fury may want to watch. It will help her get in touch with her human half, right? Is there anything that puts you more in touch with your humanity than Cher Horowitz  trying to be a better person or ugly crying during the end of Braveheart?

5) Grunge Is a Good Look For You: ‘90s Style

We’re glad that Captain Marvel went with the grunge look in a cool leather jacket and a rock band shirt, instead of a pair of denim overalls, a weird choker necklace, platform shoes, and a scrunchie for her hair. The 90’s may have had its own unique fashion, but there are some looks that are a little more timeless than others. The grunge and flannel style are classic, but a crop top and a multicolored windbreaker is a hard look to pull off. We’ll be curious what fashion the shape-shifting Skrulls take on when they invade Earth...

We’re not sure what sort of action-packed adventure Captain Marvel has in store for us, but we’re pretty excited to head back to 1995 to experience it! We’re ready to help save the world with our frosted tips, Beanie Baby collection, and beepers. Except... we actually want to look “fly” so we may try wearing a Design By Humans’ Marvel style instead. DBH tees never go out of style! Get ready to go higher, further, faster with Captain Marvel on March 8th!

Featured Artist: Evgenii Zhdanov

Featured Artist: Evgenii Zhdanov

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Featured Artist: Hellosailor