Unlucky Pop Culture Icons Who Need Some St. Patrick’s Day Love!

Unlucky Pop Culture Icons Who Need Some St. Patrick’s Day Love!

We know that everybody looks forward to St. Patrick’s Day because of the leprechauns, the promise of gold at the end of a rainbow, or the festive green attire. However, only those who are inflicted with a case of the “bad luck” blues are the ones really looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day every year. Anyone who suffers from extremely bad luck can appreciate a holiday that is all about getting some good fortune in their lives! If every day has the potential to be your last, a day like St. Patrick’s Day is a much-anticipated event.

The unlucky people in the world have a lot more to worry about than just getting pinched after all! They understand that accidentally stepping on a crack, walking under a ladder, or spilling the salt shaker will need to be taken very seriously. Who wants to be responsible for breaking their mother’s back?! No one! So, be sure to avoid stepping on any cracks this year because not even the luck-of-the-Irish can save you if you’ve got a case of the bad luck blues.

Let’s check out the pop culture icons who are the most excited about extra luck this St. Patrick’s Day!

1) May the Luck Be With You: Luke Skywalker

We know that on the surface, Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker seems to have it all together. He’s a Jedi Knight after all! And, it’s not like he’s as unlucky as the residents of Alderaan or anything (what, too soon?). However, when you take a deeper look into the young Jedi’s life, you can’t help but think that poor Luke has had his fair share of bad luck. Not only did he grow up without parents, but he had to grow up living and working on a moisture farm on the desert planet of Tatooine. A moisture farm on a desert planet?! That either seems like a really mean joke or some major bad luck to us.

Then, young Skywalker saves up all his money to buy some droids and he’s inadvertently sucked into a giant galactic war. That’s some serious bad luck. The poor kid just wanted a droid! Eventually, Luke also learns that the galaxy’s worst villain is his father (who then cuts off his hand...) and — if that wasn’t already enough bad luck — Luke’s first real crush ends up being his sister. Talk about a string of misfortune! Luke should have kept that green lightsaber...he needs all the luck he can get this St. Patrick’s Day!

2) A Bad Case of the Uglies: Thanos

We know that Thanos is the ultimate bad guy in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, but we can’t help but think if he’d just had a little more good luck in his life he might have been a better guy! Unfortunately for him (and half of the Earth’s population), Thanos was born with the Deviants’ gene and was so unbearably ugly that his own mother tried to kill him. Now that’s some bad luck.

Plus, there was that whole falling in love with Mistress Death thing too. We thought falling in love with your sister was some seriously bad luck, but falling in love with Death has to be worse. There’s no getting over that... That breakup will be worse than death.

3) Give Them New Clothes: Star Trek’s Redshirts

There’s no question that the “Redshirts” or the Security officers in Star Trek have some of the worst luck in the galaxy. In fact, the term “Redshirt” is now synonymous with being disposable. Either the redshirts have some really bad luck or maybe aliens just really hate the color red. Either way, if you are beaming down to a new planet with Captain Kirk, Spock, and Bones — and you’re the only one in a red shirt —you’re definitely gonna die.

Not only is every Starfleet officer in a red shirt about to get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day, but they’re also not going to make it off that planet in one piece! If only they’d had a little more luck (or been wearing green shirts instead), they might be enjoying a delicious corned beef and cabbage meal fresh out of the replicator on the USS Enterprise right now!

4) Rain Rain Go Away: Dennis Nedry

Oh Nedry! Although most of his problems were due to his own greed, Nedry would probably be the first person to tell you that he’d actually just been suffering from a case of bad luck. The InGen computer programmer’s financial troubles led him to steal and sell dinosaur embryos from Jurassic Park. In fact, just like with his financial troubles — which he blamed on John Hammond — Nedry refused to accept that he had any part in his own downfall and eventual “extinction”.

However, we can’t help but agree that if Nedry hadn’t run into so much bad luck during the heist, he might have gotten away with it all! Not only was he able to shut off the security to the island, but he was also able to get the dinosaur embryos out of the building and escape in his car. His biggest issue ended up being the raging storm outside and — well — that was just some bad luck. The rain led him to get lost in the park, meet a Dilophosaurus, and then get eaten alive. So, if he’d stolen the embryos on a sunny day he might just be enjoying a margarita on a beach in Costa Rica instead. Bad luck, Nedry. Better luck next time.

5) Cry Until We Can't Breathe: Inside Out’s Sadness

If you’re going to be one of the emotions in Riley’s head, it’s just plain bad luck if you have to be Pixar’s Sadness. Everything makes Sadness sad and then everything Sadness touches makes everyone around her sad! Talk about being a bad luck charm! Not even a lucky horseshoe or rabbit’s foot could turn Sadness’s luck around. Still, Sadness is looking forward to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year because it’s always better to be green than feeling blue. Plus, Bing Bong loves St. Patty’s Day because of his rainbow wagon! We’re hoping that Sadness finds some luck at the end of the rainbow wagon this year!

If you think you suffer from bad luck, then be sure to get some help with a four-leaf clover, a lucky penny, or a Design By Humans St. Patrick’s Day shirt! St. Patrick’s Day is the time of year to add a little more luck (and a lot more style) into your life. We have a good feeling that you might just find something you like at the end of the DBH rainbow!

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