DBH Swimsuit Design Contest: The Beach/Sea Monsters are Calling

DBH Swimsuit Design Contest: The Beach/Sea Monsters are Calling

We know that summer is just around the corner and that the sand, the sea air, and the salty waves are calling your name. Or — oh my god — is it actually just a terrifying sea creature calling your name and trying to lure you into the water instead!? Don’t be fooled by it though because you should never trust beautiful crystal lakes or gentle ocean waves because there is always a monster lurking beneath the surface.

But, if you’re willing to risk a trip to your watery grave or a chance encounter with one of those awful deep-sea creatures (you know, the ones with no eyes and those dangly glowy death traps...), then at least do it in style with your very own DBH-designed swimsuit! Enter the Design By Humans Swimsuit Design Contest today and create the coolest swimsuit design to impress all of those ugly sea monsters down there.

Submit your designs on a pair of board shorts and your choice of two women's bathing suit styles (using the template in the design challenge) and win the chance to be featured in the new Design By Humans Swimsuit Collection! You can make a splash with a first-place cash prize of $500, second-place of $300, or third-place of $150.

Get a little inspiration for a new swimsuit design by heading out with DBH to meet the coolest sea creatures across the seven seas!

1) Hey Good-Looking, Let’s Go For a Swim: Sirens

The beautiful Sirens from Greek mythology (who were actually half-bird half-woman creatures) have become synonymous with the legend of the mermaid. A mermaid is a beautiful half-fish half-woman who lures unsuspecting sailors to their death with her haunting song.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid might have us thinking that a mermaid and her lobster sidekick are just delightful ocean friends but — believe us — the grass is not always greener in that mermaid’s lake.

Don’t be fooled by the siren’s call because mermaids don’t always play nice and you might just find yourself on an unplanned trip “under the sea” with her.

2) Release the Kraken!

The Norse sagas tell the tale of a monstrous octopus or squid named the “kraken” that was so large it was often thought to be an island by passing sailors. Legend has it that the terrifying sea monster could rip apart any ship, and its crew, within minutes. It was all about kraken that ship in half!

Those mermaids don’t seem as bad now, right? You might as well go out with a nice song and a beautiful mermaid’s kiss, rather than with 8 tentacles and a smooch from one of those slimy suction cup things.

3) Sleeping with the Fishes: Cthulhu

The fictional Cthulhu, created by the writer H.P. Lovecraft, is a monster described as having the head of an octopus, scaly claws, and small wings on its back.

Although the monstrous Cthulhu is said to be peacefully slumbering beneath the Pacific Ocean, we know that it is only a matter of time before it awakens to destroy the world.

However, Cthulhu is such a terrifying sea monster that it doesn’t even need to be awake to evoke fear in people! Most people are grumpy when they’re woken up in the middle of a nap, but if you wake the Cthulhu then you will definitely be “sleeping with the fishes” afterward.

4) Name’s Gill, Gill-Man: Creature from the Black Lagoon

If the ominously named “Black Lagoon” wasn’t enough to deter you from taking a swim in the middle of the Amazon, maybe the hilariously named monster the “Gill-Man” lurking in its depths might. The 1954 monster flick Creature from the Black Lagoon introduced audiences to the very real fear that there might be more than just fishes watching you swim.

In fact — now that we think about it — you might not want your DBH bathing suit to be too awesome. The creature also has a tendency to fall in love with people and then try to kidnap them... If your swimsuit is too cool, Gill-Man might just want to take you home to meet his parents.

5) You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Jaws

The 1975 film Jaws terrified children across the globe. It also created a widespread irrational fear of large bodies of water and cemented the fact that a movie’s soundtrack could haunt dreams forever.

More importantly though, the horror movie began with a woman skinny dipping and...dundundun...being found dead the next day.

We can only assume that the real cause of her untimely end was that the shark was upset by the fact that she wasn’t wearing a funny DBH-inspired swimsuit style. Everything might have turned out differently if she had been!

6) Impress the Ness: Loch Ness Monster

The OG sea monster and infamous Loch Ness Monster, Nessie, has been winning over hearts and minds across the globe for decades.

Whether Nessie is a prehistoric dinosaur tucked safely away in a lake in Scotland, or just a mythical dragon on a long vacation in the Scottish Highlands, there is no question that she’s the most beloved sea monster out there.

If you’re going to meet the most famous sea monster around, you definitely want to look your best! Be sure to impress the Ness with your very own DBH-inspired swimsuit design!

If you’re planning on taking a dip in the ocean this summer, be sure to look your best to avoid any nasty run-ins with grumpy sea monsters. You’re on their turf so you will want to dress to impress.

Enter the DBH Swimsuit Contest starting today (March 18th) until April 8th. Voting will take place between April 9th - April 15th and winners will be announced on April 16th. Make some waves by creating a DBH swimsuit design that is sure to impress even the grumpiest sea monsters.

Featured Artist: Cellsdividing

Featured Artist: Cellsdividing

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Featured Artist: Joeone