Mugs, Mugs, Mugs!

Mugs, Mugs, Mugs!

The weather is getting colder and the Winter season is nearly upon us. You know what makes those freezing mornings much easier, a cup of hot, steamy Brazilian coffee. Oh yeah. I collect mugs every season, for morning coffee and night-time cocoa, they're just the best. Plus they are perfect hand warmers. Thankfully, due to popular demand by the DBH community, now you can get some of your favorite designs on mugs!

This time of year you discover that there are only two types of people in the world a) those who have all of their presents bought and wrapped in November, and b) those who desperately run around panic buying novelty socks on Christmas Eve. To help you avoid being person number 2, here are 15 of the best mugs to keep everyone happy this year!

1.) Sloffee Mug The only thing better than coffee, are coffee puns! Okay and maybe some donuts to dip into your cup, but still. This "Sloffee" mug by SophieCorrigan is just the cutest thing ever! Sloths are undeniably the most adorable creatures on the planet. It comes in a bunch of pastel colors and you can even buy a t-shirt to match!

2.) Feed Me and Tell Me I'm PrettyTobiasFonseca is a brilliant artist who managed to create a bear which is without a doubt, my spirit animal. "Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty" is the perfect cheer me up mug, because it conveys everything you want to say without ever having to say it. The best part is, you can get a super cozy hoodie to match.

3.) Honest Blob Says No Another great design by SophieCorrigan is this "Honest Blob Says No" mug, perfect for those mornings when you haven't had quite enough coffee to start answering questions, or you know, talking in general. The wraparound design means that the Honest Blob is seen from every angle, and you can choose from pink, aqua, green, black and white!

4.) Emerald City There is something quite magical about this beautiful watercolor of a hot air balloon floating above the Emerald City's hues of sage, seafoam, mint and of course, emerald. LittleClyde's alternative fairytale motifs are enchanting without being cheesy or obvious. I mean, ruby slippers are great but you can't drink your coffee out of them. Well, you could, but I wouldn't recommend it.

5.) Blue Mountains SceneJaggedHues "Blue Mountains Scene" reminds me of chilly nights in the country, the mountain range in shades of blue, a pale moon in the sky above, just the right time for hot cocoa under the stars. This is a great choice that friend who loves camping and like all of the mugs in the collection, it's a bargain at $15.

6.) Rain Back when I used to read magazines, my favorite part about the articles were the little illustrations that went along with them. This "Rain" mug by VolkanDalyan reminds me of those, and nesting dolls, but I think that's because of the cute rosy cheeked face. There's just something subtly cute about a gal in striped pantyhose, little red umbrella and her LBD billowing in the wind.

7.) Free Hugs This hip-happening hipster bear by Gloopz offers "Free Hugs" in the forest, and everyone knows that bear hugs are the best. He's certainly more chilled than the average bear and the design is available on a selection of neutral tones. Oh it looks awesome on a phone case too!

8.) Cactus Rows and rows of cactuses and not a one to eat! I mean you probably could eat them, but I wouldn't recommend it. These dinky doodles by Kostolom3000 are ridiculously cute and with six colors to choose from, there is absolutely no reason not to buy this. The best part is you can even get matching stickers for your bullet journal!

9.) Geometric Triangles in Blush and Rose Gold I absolutely love this mug by Jaggedhues. The prismatic design works brilliantly with the wrap around feature of the mug and the colors compliment each other so well. Plus the blush and rose gold are so on trend right now that even your fussiest friend would love this.

10.) Black Bear Black Bear by Obinsun is so hardcore! He will be changing his name to Metal Bear, but he's still waiting on the paperwork to come through, damn bureaucracy. This satirical rock bear with the Devil's mark emblazoned on his chest is just the thing for the rocker in your life. Come on, everyone has someone in their life who went through an alt/goth stage. If you don't, it's you.

11.) Majestic As Fuck Do you love unicorns and cursing? I know I do. This "Majestic as fuck" cup by BubbSnugg manages to convey that not only are unicorns glorious rainbow-maned creatures, but they are also badasses! Just take a look into that unicorn's eye, it is taking no crap from nobody.

12.) Strigoli Just when you thought that you didn't need a vampire mug, out pops this little beauty by Mickeyns. Available in black or eerie black, the abstract grey, black and white face of "Strigoli" is giving me some serious Nosferatu vibes. This is the perfect gift for the classic horror lover in your life, oh and FYI it looks pretty sweet on a tank or tee too.

13.) Dying Inside No, that's not an emoji, I can see why you'd think it is with the big yellow smiley face, but the "Dying Inside" mug by TheodoreWolfSong is exactly what every Walmart employee feels like in the middle of their shift. Luckily, each mug can hold 11oz of lifesaving beautiful, beautiful coffee.

14.) Eye On Owl Okay this may just be my favorite mug, the silhouette of an owl contrasting the silhouette of an owl in the night sky. The crescent moon as the eye, the tail feathers are mountains, perfect. AndyWestface's "Eye on Owl" is the kind of mug that deserves to be filled with hot chocolate and brimming with marshmallows. It makes me want to cozy up under a blanket and a matching sweatshirt, with a good book or maybe the latest copy of Harley Quinn Rebirth...

15.) The Birches The red fox waits at the edge of the birch forest, which spans over the entire face of the mug. White trees with flecks of green, the fox so still as leaves fly through the air. This stylized woodland scene by LittleClyde is simply beautiful. This is the cup that most people will love, from your roommate to your mother in-law, it's a winner.

There you have it, my top 15 designs from the amazing new selection of mugs available. Don't just take my word for it, you can check out the entire collection here. Go on, you know you want to!

Did you agree with my little list? Which of these was your favorite? What artist would you like to see on mugs? Let us know in the comments down below.

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