Seasons' Sweaters

Seasons' Sweaters

Christmas is fast approaching! Skip buying your ugly sweater at a thrift store this year and pick out your favorite sweatshirt from our amazing DBH collection instead! All your favorite fandoms are represented with these amazing designs. From sharks to zombies to vampires and back, there are all kinds of magical monsters for the ugly sweater of your persuasion!Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Share your Disney magic side with everyone with this “Frozen” themed crewneck sweater. An ice castle with a sprinkling of fairy snow coming from the lady on the steps is the perfect way to celebrate your fun-loving and magical side. I don’t know if you can apply the whole “ugly sweater” moniker to this sweater, but I think it fits the spirit of the thing. And who cares, The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway.


2. If you love Doctor Who, this is the hoodie for you! Complete with a Police Office Call Box, Weeping Angels (seriously, Doctor Who has the best villains; Weeping Angels, the Silence, come on!), some Daleks, Cybermen, a bow tie and a fez. Check out Who’s Sweater is This?.


Of course, you should probably also check out Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Christmas, just to compare, and of course there are many other Doctor Who Christmas designs to choose from!


3. Vampires have never really gone out of fashion, but the Slayer is coming to your Christmas party and she’s got one suuuuuuper ugly sweater for you to wear. Grrr...Arrrrgh! Even if there are no zombies in the show, they’re still coming to get you!! Get your Christmas tee on with the perfect Ugly Buffy Christmas Sweater.


4. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a monstrous plot to take over the world by Cthulhu. Bow to your overlord and master, land scum! (or maybe he’s the scum, I’m not so clear on that point..) Either way you can terrify your friends and family with this wonderful ugly Cthulhu Cultist Christmas sweater.


5. Looking forward to some shiny new presents this year? Not as much as Kaylee (you got the new engine already, right!?) Anyway you can share your love for all things Firefly and hopefully your new Christmas presents won’t disappear after only one season. We promise that this Shiny Christmas Sweater won’t disappear though!


6. Christmas is a time for classic movies (I mean really, what isn’t the time though), and what’s more classic than Jaws! You’re going to need a bigger….credit card limit? Not for this ugly sweater sweater though; it’s worth every penny for some bad sweater, Harry. Check out Dah Duhm Amity Fair Isle!


7. The Walking Dead are among us, and the seasons’ eatings have never been better. Although the season for hot dogs that look like fingers is now over, there should be plenty of fudge and shortbread. Sing Christmas Carols while walking like zombies, and this Christmas tee is perfect for it!


8. Christmas is a time to reflect on the year past, and no past is further behind than the future that could have been! If you can’t make it Back to the Future, wear the hoodie and broadcast your favorite movie at 1.21 gigawatts. It may be heavy but Great Scott, you can pull it off! Check out 1.21 Stitches!


There are actually too many amazing sweaters, it was really hard to pick which ones to talk about, so seriously make sure you check out the full collection here.

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A Bit of Inspiration

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