8 Bit T Shirts, Just in Time for the Hot Summer!

The 8 Bit T Shirt contest winners are here with a great display of theme, creativity, and craft. Thank you to all of those who entered the contest and voted. Now is your chance to buy these cool 8 bit tees. The 8 bit t shirt contest was our tribute to the beginning of the digital era and of course the summer fashion. Represent this retro era with one of these conceptual 8 bit t shirt today.

The third place winner, Over Dose of Pixels, is a video game battle royale of the top 70'€™s and 80s video games. Tetris, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders fall out of the sky on to the black shirt. The 3d rendering of these pixels have a modern creative touch. An Abundance of unique shapes with and color make this design a new icon in pixel art.

The second place winner is a line up of all the favorite comic book superheroes and villains. Each comic book star is rendered in 8 bit fashion. Can you name them all? This is the ultimate mid 80'€™s theme of the classic superheroes and the digital trends of the 80'€™s. Enjoy this retro style shirt of all your favorite Pixel Heroes.

The first place winner rounds off the competition with a blast. The blast of the analog TV as it spills its digital blood. The pixels ooze out of the TV in a blend of reds, oranges and yellows. The analog is no more and the digital pixel takes over the screen world, and now the 3d world with augmented reality. The Pixel Overload has busted the core of this screen.

How to Use T Shirt Design Templates Pt. 4

How to Use T Shirt Design Templates Pt. 4

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