How to Use T Shirt Design Templates Pt. 4

How to Use T Shirt Design Templates Pt. 4

Now that you have been through part 1-3, you'€™re ready to put the finishing touches on your t shirt design so that you can finally submit your work. There are a few things you need to put on your checklist before you can submit for voting. Design By Humans always suggest that artists submit their work to the critique section of the forum for feedback. Don'€™t take feedback as harsh criticism, instead use it as a way to better your work to have a winning design. 

DBH needs to have the placement of the shirt design on a mockup, this will represent your design for people to vote on. There are t-shirt templates available on the Design Guide page, pick a color and download the template to get started on your mockup. Place your design on the template and play around with it until you find the right placement for your design.

Sumbitting Images for Design Contest

You are going to submit three different images one as a thumbnail (320 x 240 pixels) used for voting browse, artwork (640 x 480 pixels) to showcase your entire design and placement (640 x 480 pixels) that will show a design mock up on a t-shirt.  Remember we are not asking for a high resolution yet, we will ask for that file (along with a few things) sent in an email if you are a winner.

Download the Free T Shirt Templates

RGB Only Your thumbnail, artwork and placement images must all be submitted in RGB color mode. If you don'€™t your colors will come out completely different then you planned. If you already made your design in CMYK there is way to change it without starting over. Get used to setting up your documents in RGB mode so you don'€™t forget to change it over. Check out how to do this on DBH 101 page.

Reasons for Rejected Design Submission

  • 1. No placement shown in submission
  • 2.Copyright Infringement or Duplicate Submission
  • 3.Artwork has offensive or inappropriate content
  • 4.Submission file damaged or the artwork needs more work

Once that you have checked all of these items off your checklist you are ready to finally submit your work. Go to Submit Design, login into your DBH account, put a title and description of your design, then upload your three images with a preferred shirt color and then hit submit. Next, step is to promote the t-shirt design by spreading the word to friends and family and through social media. The final step is to wait and watch your votes go higher till you'€™re a winner.

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