A Father's Day Apology (And Some Sweet T-Shirts)

Hey dad, You know how I'm all about giving mom her due on her special day? And you know how I usually forget about Father's Day until the last minute?

Yeah. Sorry about that.

I wish I could say this year was different, but, well...I did it again. [Insert stream-of-tears emoji here.]

I know some mildly funny Hallmark card won't make up for this (again), so instead I'm going to ask some of my coworkers a few questions about their dads. I'll secretly use this as an opportunity to make them pick a T-Shirt to give to their dads, choose my favorite of the bunch and give it to you. (Work smarter not harder, am I right?)

Prowler T-Shirt from Design By Humans Prowler T-Shirt by kdeuce

Q: What's one trait your dad passed on to you?

A: An unholy fear of needles. I figured this out after he went from stone-faced to nearly passing out when a doctor told him he was going to need stitches. Thanks, dad.- David M., Graphic Artist

Layers of Nature T-Shirt from Design By Humans Layers of Nature T-Shirt by addu Q: What was your favorite father/daughter activity as a child? A: My dad has always been an avid outdoorsman, which is why the majority of my childhood memories center around being outside. Thanks for all the adventures, Dad. This one's for you!- Cassie P., Artist Manager
Land of Nowhere T-Shirt from Design By Humans Land of Nowhere T-Shirt by radiomode Q: What's your favorite childhood memory? A: My dad took us on a lot of family road trips when I was a kid. It wasn't uncommon for him to hear, "Daaad...Tracy's poking me," from the back seat. To this day, we still play the game when we're in the car together, and Dad still plays along.- Kevin K., Marketing Director

Find the perfect T-Shirt for your dad at Design By Hümans today and get free shipping on any order! If you're having trouble finding the right design, make it easy on yourself and pick up a gift card. He won't mind '€” promise.

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