Announcing the Wacom Tournament Winners

The top 3 winners are announced from the intense 60 minute timed tournament. Each of the winners are printed in limited edition numbers. The awards go out to the first place winner $1500 + Intuos5, the 2nd place winner a $1250 and Bamboo Create, 3rd place $1000 and a Bamboo Splash.

1st Place Winner

The first place winner goes to Hero, a highly decorated warrior that stares you in the face with honor. The soldier comes out of the shadows to reveal an ornate samurai style soldier with a decorated dragon helmet. This graphic t shirt is a dark, mysterious, and powerful design of a strong hero.

Wacom Tournament Hero

2nd Place Winner

The second place winner is a field of defeat, with skulls and princess heads. The heavy black lines and shapes are highlighted by rich colors. The colorful detailed and stylistic composition make the Fall of a Villain.

Fall of a Villain

3rd Place Winner

The third place winner is The Rise of a Hero by pinkstorm. The warrior tracks through the battle field with his red sword. The warm tans and vibrant reds are a harmonic contrast against a raging war.

Rise of a Hero Shirt

Vote for the best Work in Progress Video

We will still be announcing the winner of the Work In Progress videos. You can view all the videos on our You Tube Channel and like the ones you want to win.

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