The Best New Collective Shirt Designs

The Collective has been out for almost a month now and already we are seeing a batch of really special t shirt designs. The Collective is expanding to new heights, with the new edition of Miss Monster and her exotic creatures, and Winter Artwork with his witty characters. There are now funnier style shirts, and very unique designs that would normally not be seen on Design By Humans. We are extremely excited to have a whole new collection of our best new graphic tees. Here is a list of our best new graphic tees.

Best New Collective T Shirt Designs

Ever been attacked by an imaginary muai tiger? This karate kid has no idea what what’s about to happen, or is it the tiger that’s going to get the reverse punch?

Tiger Cartoon Graphic Tee

The creative energy that goes into a Miss Monster, monster is remarkable. The flying octopus, to the dragon dog, retro elephants all make a great team of psychedelic predators.

Monster squid shirt

A new one from deaddreamer, the nocturnal sea creatures watching as a shocked paddle boat sales by.

Night Monster Graphic Tee

The King of hearts sings to the beat in this new Mr. Rocks instant classic. The king is back in his undead zombie form.

King of Hearts Zombie Tee

Old Comic Book fans this is a treat for you. The jackets, the bars, the smoke and the cars make this vintage shirt design divine.

Nore Comic Tee

Finally just in time for Halloween is the Dead and Alive Pumpkin. Scary zombie pumpkins run out of their seeds in this festive t shirt design. Or there'€™s one for turkey day too, but good luck serving this turkey up for thanksgiving.

pumpkins Graphic Tee

Turkey Thanksgiving Shirt

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