Easy Steps to Marketing Your T Shirt Design

Design By Humans community of artist are constantly producing amazing designs for graphic tees, so how do you establish yourself as an artist? There are a few ways to generate the buzz you deserve in this highly competitive industry but your artwork isn'€™t going to promote itself. In this article we'€™ll take a look at the best strategies to help market for more t shirt sales, getting votes for contests and establish a style as a t shirt designer.

Marketing Your T Shirt Designs

Step 1: Build a Social Following, People don'€™t know you design until you tell them.

marketing on facebookOne of the first steps to generate the hype for your designs is through using the social media channels. Using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even instagram is one of the fastest ways to send out news. You can enhance the post by describing where your design inspiration came from, where you plan on going with design and what you want to accomplish with your completed design. People will be more engaged with your design if they have a story or explaination of the design.

Step 2: Show some Design Sketches or Process Work.

post design sketchesShowing a work in progress of your design would be a great way to market your next graphic tee design. This helps you and your audiences recognize your style. Weather you specialize in funny, exotic, detailed or simple designs. You can build followers by showing off your style. There are even videos in process sketches.

Step 3: Visiting th DBH Forum for a Critique

forum feedbackLook to our Forum Section in our Community for a chance to talk to other artist about your design. Objective feedback can help take you designs to the next level. Likewise you can give good feedback to gain respect as a designer. It'€™s good to be humble,and respect other peoples opinions Build credibility and respect for yourself as an artist by not only talking about your designs the whole time, have a mutual respect for other artist.

Step 4: Market your t shirt designs with a Website or Blog

marketing with a blogIt'€™s not uncommon that designers have a website or blog of their work for people to follow them. Posting your latest designs and having people be able to track your progression as a designer will have them eager of what is next to come. Make sure to put necessary links and social buttons that will help spread your work and have others come visit your site. Most Designers have a wordpress or tumblr to promote their artwork.

The work that you took so much time and effort to design deserves the right exposure. Even if your work isn'€™t chosen as a winning design when people see your name they will remember. Just getting your work out there is great and as you practice and grow as a designer it will build a story of how you got to that point. So next time you Win a Shirt of the Day Contest or need some more vote to get recognition in a contest, go through some of these steps to increase your following and traffic.

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