Art in Typography, Typography in Art

Art in Typography, Typography in Art

The process of creating typography is an art in itself; letter by letter or the intricate details of a word. Typography is often used in modern art and design. It is not simply text on paper, a set of letters, an arrangement of words, a description or a statement. Typography can create a statement in a more profound sense. Type can take the shape of objects, and it can deliver a message; communicate something meaningful and spread an idea. Type can be used in design to aid artwork and can be art in itself. Typography is a beautiful art form, and can incorporated in T-shirt design as well.

Located in the bottom-left corner of the Design By Humans websites is a link to the categories section of the website. In this section, tees are arranged by subject matter. This section includes a collection of T-shirts titled '€œTypography T-Shirts'€ containing Design By Humans'€™ shirts that incorporate typography.

4 Awesome Typography Tees

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3 Inspiring Modern Typographic Artists to Follow

Theo Aartsma

Theo Aartsma is a designer/illustrator working with Nike, Pall Mall, Toyota, and more. Theo got started as a designer as a young musician who needed promotional material, and decided to make it himself.

Alberto Seveso

Seveso found his way into design through his interest in skateboard decks and metal band album covers. Alberto creates beautiful work using not only typography, but also incredibly detailed and expressive portraits. I urge you to check out the rest of his work; it is breathtaking.

Alex Trochut

Alex Trochut believes that '€œdesign and illustration is a language in constant change.'€ He has created designs for well known clients such as Wiz Khalifa, Gotye, Pepsi, Arcade Fire, and many more; he even designed the cover for Katy Perry'€™s new album, Roar. Amazing.

3 Names to Know in Typographic History

Depero Fortunado

Depero Fortunado was a pioneer in Futurism, a form of typographic art utilizing experimental typography, geometric forms and colors. Futurism introduced text into graphic arts.

Alexander Rodchenko

A Russian artist, sculptor, photographer and graphic designer, Rodchenko was a founder of the Russian Typographic Revolution. Constructivists introduced advertisements and posters into typographic art.

Piet Zwart

Piet Zwart was a well known DeStijl designer. He experimented by combining upper and lowercase lettering, circles, lines and screens. DeStijl aimed to remove all emotion from typographic art, leaving it neutral and geometrically abstract.

    5 Free Font Resources for your T-Shirt Designs
  1. fontsquirrel
  2. dafont
  3. fawnt
  4. fontspace
  5. urbanfonts

When downloading a free font, the font folder will often contain a license or terms of use file explaining exactly how to use the font. It is necessary to read this file in order to use the font legally.

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Typography can be incorporated within art and T-shirt design, but typography is also an art in itself. How can you incorporate text in your designs in the most creative way possible? Hopefully these artists and designers will spark some ideas in your creative brains.

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