Artists - Get Inspiration For Your Next Tee Design Here!

Here at Design By Humans we are always looking for ways to inspire you, our awesome artists. Our Creative Director has gathered images to inspire based on colors. This is not to seek more tees of that color but merely to organize the vast pickings. Often a great place to start a new t shirt design is finding the right color palette. These color mood boards help to see different color harmonies you can experiment with in your next t shirt design.

Mid Toned Green T Shirt Designs

Mid green colors accented with yellow highlights and purple darks provides a great contrast.Green

Until recently green tees at DBH had been overlooked. MeganLara reinvigorated our love of green with her win '€˜It Makes The Heart Grow Fonder'€™. We aren'€™t looking for specific green tees but we wanted to use color to inspire artists to make unique tees. The above collage displays cool Celtic inspired art, comic art, funny dinos, skulls and animals in an array of styles. Green can be a great starting point for environmental shirts, and a great mid tone color to push lights and darks off of. Green has the same tint as a mid tone grey, so darks and lights can be contrasted on the mid toned canvas.

Emotions with Red T Shirt Designs

Red is known to evoke anger, warmth, alert and fireRed T Shirt Designs

Red evokes many feelings; rage, anger, warm and fiery. This collection of powerful inspiration delivers in all of those. From cool patterns to detailed characters red will always be a strong color. We are always looking for unique art and clever use of color. Highlights and red ascents add a cool dimension to any illustration. Get inspired by these bold images. Maybe it'€™s the red or maybe it'€™s just the incredible art but this set should get you fired up.

Cool Blue T Shirt Designs

Navy Blue and Baby Blue are true favorites in t shirt design, as they contrast well with skin tones.Blue T Shirt Designs

Blue has always been cool but this set of inspirational art is pure awesome. Blue can evoke chilly feelings or make cool line art pop! Blue is the color of cool, and fluid like water. Navy Blue and Baby Blue have both hit huge trends in their day and still make a beautifully colored t shirt design. Noticed how the monochromic blues work of each other in these shirts. This collection brings a bright blue dino, animals chillin'€™, humans of all kinds and some funny characters. Get inspired and appreciate the breath taking art on display. Is your art ready to sit next to these masters?

The world is full of beautiful art and this is just a hand selected batch. Never copy but always get inspiration. Grow as an artist and appreciate the artists who consistently create amazing art. Strive to be this good and never give up. Novice beginner or artist with years of experience, it'€™s always good to get all fired up and INSPIRED! These images should be used for inspiration alone and not ripped off or copied in anyway. Respect the art here, it is epic art.

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