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With spring about to blossom, its time to brighten the future with neon colors. The neon t shirt design contest is themed featuring brilliant colors. There are bright greens, yellows, pinks, blues, etc. We want to see some electrifying neon t shirt designs. The winner will recieve $1500, second $1000 and third $750.

There are lots of different themes and ideas you can start with; the psychedelic movement of the 70'€™s, to the lasers in Electronic Dance Music. Neons are the out layers of the color spectrum, and they have a special fit in color harmonies. This is your chance to experiment with a new color palate for the brights and brilliants of the spectrum. This doesn'€™t mean make rainbows, but you'€™re encouraged to jump into a new opportunity of colors and make something brilliant.

Neon Shirt ContestAdding the Neons to the Swatches
Please use the 14 Neon Pantone Colors. You can find them in Photo Shop in the color palette. To add a new color palate click the color selector and select Pantone/solid coated colors. The neon colors will be at the bottom. Pantone 801c Neon Blue to Pantone 814c Neon Purple. You can choose any t shirt color from our selection, and use any of the 14 Neon Pantone Colors.

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Awesome Neon Shirts

Here are some examples of the best neon t shirts that we have seen so far. What could make a huge t rex even scarier? How about neon pink? What intensifies a fire apocalypse? Neon orange and magenta. And how about this wild and cool cat trending with his headphones and rockin style.

Neon Dino Frenzy Shirt Neon Fireman Shirt Retro Neon Cool and Wild Cat

Inspiring the Neon Trend with Music and Art

EDM (electronic dance music) keeps rising in popularity. Neon lights, glow sticks and cloths are all over at these concerts. The flashing lights increase the fun and intensity at these concerts.

Neon Glow Photoshop Brushes

Cool Neon Effects

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Artists - Get Inspiration For Your Next Tee Design Here!

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