Assassin's Creed Unity Tshirt Design Contest Winners

The Assassin's Creed Unity T-Shirt Design Contest began on August 25th and culminated some of the best international artwork Design By Humans has even seen! The contest prompted artists from around the globe to create t-shirt designs based on the French Revolution and heroic characters from the new Assassin's Creed Unity game set to launch on November 11th, 2014.

Over 12,300 fans chose from a groundbreaking array of highly stylized artwork - among them detailed illustrations, paintings, and vectored designs that made the selection process a difficult one! Design By Humans and Ubisoft Guest Judge and Creative Director Alex Amancio ultimately came together to select the Grand Prize winners. Each Grand Prize winner will be revealed here starting Monday, October 27th - Friday, October 31st.

Officially Licensed Assasin's Creed t-shirts are now available for purchase exclusively at for only $26 each, or you can grab the entire collection of 5 Grand Prize winning tees for a discounted price of $99. The 17 runner-up DTG t-shirt designs will also be available for purchase in the Assassin's Creed Unity Collective Store.

1st Place Grand Prize Winner // Falling Arno by OKPDESIGNSERS

The Grand Prize winner of the Assassin's Creed Unity contest is here! This stunning one color "All Over"€ design by OKPDESIGNSERS streaks across the shirt as Arno performs a controlled descent down into Paris. An homage to parkour used in the game, this design will make you feel like you want to leap through your own city. Read OKPDESIGNESERS Artist Interivew and check out his grand prize winning design here.

"This is a really dynamic pose. I like how it represents our new parcour system and how it references the controlled descent. I also like the attention paid to the rich Parisian architecture." - Alex Amancio

2nd Place Grand Prize Winner // The Assassin by Gloopz

Gloopz takes second place with his classic illustration of Arno perched atop the ACU crest above a in Paris crowd. Perched above the city the Assassin watches his target through crowded streets. Armed with a sword and pistol he's prepared for any situation or any foe. Read Gloopz Artist Interview and check out his grand prize winning design here.

"€œI like the gargoyle-like pause of Arno on this shot and the densely packed Parisian street, it really represents the Revolution well." - Alex Amancio

3rd Place Grand Prize Winner // Ignite Revolution by TincekMarincek

A newcomer to Design By Humans, TincekMarincek exploded onto the scene with a stunning design depicting Arno in the midst of the French Revolution. Igniting a revolution has never been easy work. Set against the background of 18th century Paris during the French Revolution, Arno searches a city in flames for his target. Read TincekMarincek Artist Interview and check out his grand prize winning design here.

"€œThis image really represents Arno's personality. His calm confidence and witty humour clearly seep through. I also like the focus on the Phantom blade and the reference to the revolution in the background."€ - Alex Amancio

4th Place Grand Prize Winner // Leap Of Faith by Fourscore

An early favorite and one of the first submissions to the contest, Fourscore'€™s Leap of Faith is a colorful rendition of a classic Assassin's Creed ability to leap from a building with an eagle soaring high above. In perfect form, Arno leaps as an eagle made of pure smoke floats above him like a set of wings. Read Fourscore Artist Interview and check out his grand prize winning design here.

"€œI like the fact that this motif focuses on the iconic leap of faith as well as the reference to the Eagle/Assassin parallel." € - Alex Amancio

5th Place Grand Prize Winner // Perfect Spot by Studio8worx

Studio8Worx brings his talent to bear once again with his classic colorful explosion. His unique style of blending the character with a paint brush and splatter style brings a unique take on this otherwise classic game art that makes for a stunning "all over" t-shirt design. Read Studio8worx Artist Interivew and check out his grand prize winning design here.

"I like the dynamism of this image; it clearly capture's Arno's brutality." - Alex Amancio

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