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Team up With Baseball T'€™s

Put me in coach! Summer is almost upon us, and it's just in time for DBH to announce one of our brand new products! For us there's no better way to get into summer than with America's favorite summer pastime, so we're busting out with... Design By Humans BASEBALL TEES!!!

Whether you've already signed up for your work softball league, or that bar kickball tourney that your mom just doesn't understand, we've got the designs to get you fired up for competition. Hey, even if you just like wearing shirts with fancy middle-length sleeves - we've got you covered (well'€¦ 3/4's covered, anyway).

*Bonus tip '€“ grab up a whole bunch of matching t's for your teammates and name yourselves creatively. Tag your photos #DesignByHumans and we'll highlight you!

"Turtle Power!"" by juanfoo
Master Splinter would be so proud of your teamwork, brothers. Invoke your inner "heroes-in-a-half-shell" with this design by juanfoo, and maybe go out for some pizza afterward. Cowabunga!

"Astoria, Oregon - The Goonies" by johnsaurusrex
Heeeeeey yoooooou guys! Showing up on game day with this design by johnsaurusrex is sure to make you the star player at the Goondocks, or on your next adventure to find Chester Copperpot. Truffle shuffle not included.

"Team Samurai" by robbyiodized
Fun fact: many noble samurai warriors were once known for their prowess on the baseball diamond. Show your support for Team Samurai and the "hack-and slash" offense that produced an unparalleled dynasty in the FJBL (Feudal Japanese Baseball League).

"Country Music" by clingcling
Do you even 'Murica bro? This design by clingcling answers that question once and for all. Because nothin' says America like baseball, patriotism, guitars and country music. Pick one up and make you values clear at your next company picnic or 4th of July bbq.

"Cobra Kai- Fear Does Not Exist" by Inked
The world loves a bad guy '€“ especially a karate-kicking team of bad guys. Strike fear into the hearts of your opponents with this throwback logo from the legendary Cobra Kai dojo, by Inked... just don't get caught sweeping the leg.

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