Best Nerdy T Shirts of 2012

It'€™s revenge of the nerdy t shirt, and '€œwe'€™re pretty proud of it.'€ The 11th day of the 12 day sale includes $9 nerdy t shirts. These shirts feature smart owls, mathematics, space, physics and more. You might see the Sheldon and the guys from '€œBig Bang Theory'€ wearing one of these tees; or the tech guys across the office.

These nerd shirts feature funny jokes, intellectual characters, or outer galactic solar systems. To be a nerd you must master something great; hi scores in Atari, know every apple product from the Nano to the TV, have a profile on every social network, etc. Most people that wear nerdy tees are half crazy, half smart, half funny, and half socially awkward more then 50% of the time. Weather it'€™s a far off talent, or just the gift of shy intelligence. This day and these geeky nerd shirts are dedicated to you and you should be '€œpretty proud of it'€ '€“Revenge of the Nerds

Best Nerdy Shirts on Design By Humans

"Space Invaders" from the 1980s is a classic. Represent the first style video games by blasting the vintage colors of the 80s. The master blasters can represent the old school from day one, or computer technology.

"Smart Owl" is an intellectual bird with his specs, mouse, and laptop. He'€™s cute, smart, funny and he works on the go. This smart owl is a high tech smarty with an insightful eye, complete with over size lenses.

"The Perfect Tee" has it all, with so many '€œtrends'€ in the t shirt world, this one makes a mockery out of them all. Ever seen a robot with a beard, surround by lightning rainbows, suns, skulls, and birds with birds. The perfect tee makes a great nerd shirt because it highlights all of the year'€™s trends in a doodle sketch.

To complete the list of the best nerdy shirt, the "Catsronauts" are a fun addition to the pets we love. Do you love out space exploration, petting your cat, and watching them chase your laser pen for hours? These outer explores have already done that and more.

This complete list of the best nerdy shirts of the 2012 season from Design By Humans. Do you have a favorite nerdy shirt? Add your favorite nerd shirt in to the comments.

Best Nerdy T Shirts of 2012

Fashion Invadors Nerd Shirt Nerdy Smart Owl Nerd Shirt Nerd Cat Shirt
Fashion Invader Smart Owl Perfect Tee Castronauts

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