Photo Real T Shirt Contest Winners

The winners of the Photo Real contest are now available. These iconic photo real designs hit the nail on the head with great photography composition techniques and excellent themes. There were over 150 entries for the contest, these top three winners took the top spots with composition, photographic technique and racking up the votes.

The first place winner is Door to the World, featuring a boy walking through dark room, to an open door of heavenly skies. The silhouette of the boy is in the foreground, as he walks toward a bright blue sky with clouds hovering through the doorway.

The second place winner is one cool cat. A young cat rocks his headphones, and hipster shades. The retro cool cat shows every hair in this photo realistic print. This t shirt print highlights the photo real qualities of direct to garment printing. The cat'€™s hair comes out in much higher detail, versus a standard silk screen shirt.

The third place winner is Bear, Bear, Bear, the western Teddy Bear posting up in a high contrast light. A soft light casts over the soft fuzzy texture of the teddy bear, with a paisley print bandana around his neck. The unusual light, texture and character make it a top notch t shirt.

The photo real contest was a new test for t shirt designers and printers. The new direct to garment printing capacity has produced great high definition designs, as we were looking for our designers to test out the capacity of our printers. The result of the photography contest has shown that we can print highly detailed, textured, and wide color range t-shirt designs. The new photo real t shirt design should start a new trend in the fashion and t shirt design world for the 2013 season. There is a new photography category for all new photo real designs, camera, and photography t shirts.

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