Best Surrealism Tees Make your Reality a Dream

The best surrealist tees mash up part dream and part reality. The designs use physical objects and distort or rearrange them in an abstract way. Artists like Salvador Dali and Joan Miro highlighted the golden age of surrealism around 1930'€™s. Since then we have seen surrealist photomontages, abstract photography and 1000s of fantasy like drawings. The best surrealist artworks are those with a little culture or story to go behind them to communicate an abstract language.

Top 5 Best Surrealism Tees

We are lucky enough to have a couple of great surrealist T-shirt designers in the Design By Humans Network. Roncabardz is a great example of a surrealist T-shirt designer. With a shirt like the painter you can see the reality and the fantasy worlds overlay.

The Painter Surrealism Tee

Radiomode is another talented artist that can dream up some really interesting t-shirts. We have “catch the stars” which mashes up surrealism and well as the impressionism

Catch the Stars Surrealism

Here is another Radiomode piece. The ‘Draw’ t-shirt is one pen exploding with imagination.

Draw Surrealism Shirts

LukeBatten is a designer who merges the human form with a TV set to make an intriguing and surreal image. Striking and bold, this tee has had a spot in the top 50 Most Wanted Tees for some time now.  

Retro TV Shirts

Moncheng makes subtle references to Surreal Art with ‘Tears of Color’.  A unique illustration of an eye crying a rainbow of color. The surrealist vision comes to life in this multi colored design. It makes you turn and look and question, the very essence of surreal art.

The tears of Colors Surrealism shirts

Finally Kase is a great master of mixing montage to create something obscure as well. He takes multiple real objects and integrates them into one. '€˜I dreamt of Another Place'€™ is a surreal t-shirt design with a clock a, koi, a mask is a meshing tornado dream. Kase has many cool designs focused around Surrealist themes.

I Dreamt of another place

The reality and the dream, feel free to continue the feed and add your favorite surrealism t shirt.

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