Featuring the Best Illustrative T Shirt Designs

Design By Humans has over 1000 shirts from abstract, funny, digital art to refined, highly illustrative drawings. The Museum Collection is a series of the best pieces of one category that is created for the best in t-shirt design. A few factors decide the best including sales, detail, idea, votes and how much attention it got from other sites.

Top 5 Best Illustrative Tees

The DBH Museum will be a collection of the top shirts from the contest winners and Collective in each category.  Top 5 Best Illustrative Tees. The first category is the best illustrative shirts. This collection is a special look at the details in the line work, shading, accuracy, color and rendering. These are well rendered designs with hand drawn subjects. The drawings are converted into digital media and worked on even further, in some cases worked directly into digital format using a tablet.  

Megan Lara, Young Illustrative Master

One of our favorites is a Megan Lara illustration, It Makes the Heart Grow Fonder is an art deco rendering of a fun girl drinking and Absinthe martini. She makes the collection as being one of the top sellers, great thick and thin line work with smooth curves.

It makes the heart grow fonder

A Painterly Illustration

Love to Death is a highly textured color field with a digital ink drawing of a lady with her crow.  Multi layered cross hatching makes up depth and fine detailing. Reminiscent of scientific illustrations this one is multi layered and has a sinister beauty.

Love till Death Drawing Shirt

Defined Patterns and Detail

The Rhythm of the Rising Sun is a detailed rendering of a Samurai playing the guitar. The texture of the armor helps to create the detailed out line of the samurai. He is rocking out on the guitar. The illustration set against the red symbolic shape makes a hard rock splash of noise.

Rythm of the Rising Sun

Out of this World Rendering

Lost in the colors and details of this illustration. You can look into the skeletons eyes as he struggles against a space squid. The pink and orange textures stand out against the purple and blues. Neon colors and sharp line work create a unique and appealing illustration.

Lost Shirts

The Dark Officer Details in the Texture

The Dark Officer shows contrasting textures of light and dark colors. This illustration raises many thought provoking ideas. With it'€™s strong symbolic elements and clever use of color this tee works well with its canvas. The soldier man is silent and eerily still, with his flower showing the only sign of hope.

The Dark Officer

We will regularly post a new special collection. Congratulations to the first elected winners for best illustrative drawings on Design By Humans.

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