Celebrate National Taco Day with DBH!

National Taco Day is October 4th and man, are we excited! We heard Americans ate over 4.5 billion tacos last year - that's enough tacos to reach to the moon and back! Tacos are a staple here in California (where DBH headquarters is located!) and we probably eat local street tacos a good 4 days a week for lunch. We're not the only foodies crazy about tacos, though. DBH artists have been creating delicious food and tacos tees for awhile, so celebrate today with a taco and check 'em out!

tacos and unicorns gir invader zim rainbow food tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt phone case

Tacos and Unicorns by Jml2arts
This wild taco tee looks like its straight out of a crazy dream! Invader Zim character Gir rides off into battle on a pig/unicorn combo with a samurai sword - could you POSSIBLY ask for more? We didn'€™t think so. Show off your ridiculous love for tacos in this pop culture/comic mashup tee.

los pollos hermanos breaking bad character typography tacos food tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt phone case Los Pollos Hermanos bt KerzoArt
This foodie tee is a takeoff from the infamous TV show Breaking Bad where packages of drugs were hidden inside food buckets. The cool typography, bright colors and funny characters will be instantly recognizable by any diehard fan. Rock this cool taco-inspired tee and rep your love for a groundbreaking TV show.

Speaking of Tacos, Here's More Foodie Tees!

zombie eat flesh subway food parody tshirt tee tank tops sweatshirt phone case

Zombie Eat Flesh by Hardwear
Eat Flesh?! This artist has taken Subway's iconic logo and turned it into a simple, pop culture masterpiece. There's tons of zombie TV shows, books and more that are extremely popular right now and people are just (need we say it?) EATING IT UP! Grab this cool foodie/zombie tee before the apocalypse hits!

the milky way radiomode parody funny cute milk stars space tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt phone case The Milky Way by RadioMode
Looking for some late night cookies and milk? Radiomode has got you covered. This cute foodie tee features a carton of milk creating the infamous Milky Way with a mix of vector designs and photorealism. Grab a midnight snack and rock this food tee, you night owl, you.

pizza my heart designed pizza typography tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt phone case Pizza My Heart by TheDeekin
We know some people believe that pizza is the best food that's ever been created - and we'd have to agree! This hand drawn design with unique typography celebrates this delicious food with a touch of humor and a spark of vintage textures. Grab a slice (or 3!) and show the world where you stand with this pizza tshirt.

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