Horror Movie Character Tees

Horror Movie Character Tees

Halloween is just around the corner and the DBH office is buzzing! We've been busy talking about costume ideas, party plans and our favorite Halloween horror films. In the spirit of this ghoulishly terrifying holiday, we've decided to feature Halloween themed tees all month, starting with our favorite Horror Movie Characters! Below you'll find featured DBH designs with horrific characters like Freddie, Jason, Jack Skellington and more.

Let us know who your favorite horror movie character is in the comments section!

horror skull by moutchy horror movies halloween film cinema skull frankenstein black and white scream freddie jason dracula jigsaw saw chuckie gremlins tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt phone case
Horror Skull by Moutchy
If you love horror movies, you'll scream for this Halloween t shirt design! This awesome skull mosaic design features 39 of the most iconic and terrifying villains and monsters in horror cinema! The black and white nature of this design makes it even spookier - some of these horror movies are only available in black and white too! Look closely and you'll see characters like Frankenstein, Scream, Freddie, Jason, and Dracula.

horror night by dinomike bicycle scream freddie jason chuckie funny charater parody vector cartoon

Horror Night Off by DinoMike
What would happen if our favorite horror movie characters took a night off? Could they possibly take a break from stalking and murdering? We didn't think so either - but this design certainly paints them in a hysterical light! Here simple vectors create classic horror favorites Scream, Freddie, Jason and Chucky. Take a spooky ride through town in this twisted Halloween tee.

deadly mask by moutchy halloween jason murder lake hockey mask

Deadly Mask by Moutchy
Anyone want to take a trip to the lake? This creepy hockey mask is from iconic horror movie character and murderer Jason. This simplistic design doesn't need anything else - and it makes us shudder! What makes this design stand out is the shadowing and details this artist created to give it a 3D and super realistic look. Survive the murderous lake trip in this Halloween tshirt.

good vs evil character tekken fight game 8bit ghostbuster freddie jason chuckie beetlejuice halloween horror movie tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt phone case
Super 80s Good Vs Evil by Punksthetic
Classic 8-bit video games meet 80s horror movie favorites? We're lovin it! This cool 8-bit colored design is modeled after classic fighting games from the 1980s and features characters like Ghostbusters, Chucky, and Beetlejuice. Good and evil come head to head in this design - who wins?! YOU DECIDE! Pick your character and fight to the death in this retro Halloween tshirt.

More Horrific Halloween Movie Characters from DBH

monster love frankenstein bride halloween tshirt tee friendship in the dark freddie jason chuckie tshirt tee forest funny halloween nightmare on sesame street ernie freddie creepy scary halloween tshirt tee
freddie jason hester lester cannibal medusadollmaker frankensteins bride chracter realistc tshirt tee halloween frankenstein neon green eyes painted halloween tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt
nightmare before christmas halloween jack skellington freddie nightmare frankenstein tshirt sweatshirt halloween

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