Creatures Of The Night

We've already talked about Horror Movie Characters and given you a kickass Halloween Costume Guide - but we can't get enough! Today we introduce creepy creatures of the night! These horrifying monsters range from blood-thirsty zombies and vampires to snarling werewolves and mutant skeletons. If you're not already afraid of the dark, you'll definitely be looking over your shoulder after checking out the horrifying creature t-shirt designs below.

zombie shadows ricomambo walking dead tshirt t shirt sweatshirt
Zombie Shadows by RicoMambo
What if you were the last human on Earth? These zombies are closing in fast, what's your next move? This awesome design gives the viewer a bird's eye view of this dark zombie apocalypse scene and the unique edges let the artwork blend onto the t-shirt. Grab this zombie t-shirt before the infected take over!

calavera twins wotto day of the dead dia de los muertos skeleton skull cartoon character cute illustration tshirt t shirt sweatshirt
Calavera Twins by Wotto
What are these two up to? We wouldn't want to come face to face with this skeletal duo in the dark! Unique details in the bone structure of this skeleton make it one awesome and spooky illustration. The black and white coloring and grunge textures make it perfect for Halloween! Grab this wotto creation before these bones turn to dust.

zombie subway radiomode walking dead new york halloween tshirt t shirt sweatshirt
Zombie Subway by RadioMode
What if the dead rose and you had no way out?! Blacked out tunnels, terrifying high speeds and you've got no way out and no weapons! This vectored zombie design sure creates a horror-inspired scene complete with blood splatters. Pick up this horrifying zombie design and take the long way home.

evil within chriskar death horror grim reaper teeth heart halloween scary tshirt t shirt sweatshirt
Evil Within by Chriskar
The grim reaper is more terrifying than ever in this dark Halloween design. This head-on view makes him seem more menacing and realistic, so you better check the shadows behind you! Cool realistic details in his bone structure and teeth make this design even more creepy. Pick up this grim t-shirt before he decides your time is up.

the gillman beastpop universal black lagoon horror movie tshirt t shirt halloween neon design
The Gillman by BeastPop
Universal's most unique monster rears up once again from the Black Lagoon, searching for prey. This damsel in distress might not be such an easy grab, however. She seems to have come prepared! Beastpop strikes again in this neon colored design with a mix of story and wild monsters just in time for Halloween. Stand your ground in this neon monster tee!

More Creature Of The Night Designs

halloween monster skull horns candles scary werewolf sketchy illustration horror halloween tshirt t shirt pop culture parody santa carla  vampire halloween lost boys tshirt t shirt
werewolf hydro74 red eyes halloween tshirt t shirt dark rider skull skeleton horror halloween tshirt t shirt lion ii tshirt t shirt zombie mashup halloween design
zombie t shirt walking dead design no other way horror halloween horror monster creature t shirt tshirt design jaws teeth mosnter creature halloween horror tshirt t shirt design

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