Pumpkin Tees for Halloween

Halloween is only 10 days away (TEN!), and we hope you're getting ready for trick-or-treaters, jaw-dropping costumes, and haunted houses that will scare your socks off. In the spirit of the holiday, we'd like to share our final Halloween-themed tshirt designs based on one of the most iconic parts of Halloween - pumpkins! So grab a knife (your pumpkin carving knife, of course MWAHA) and check out these brand new pumpkin tee designs.

pandaloween adamlawless illustrative halloween design art panda killer murder butterfly glowing eyes tshirt t shirt sweatshirt
Pandaloween by ADAMLAWLESS
This illustrative halloween design creeps us out! Artist ADAMLAWLESS has transformed a once cute and adorable panda into a terrifying killer - he even included a hatchet! The black and white coloring makes his blue, glowing eyes really pop. Grab this panda halloween design before he gets you!

halloween theme by chriskar greece murderous crow scarecrow halloween night pumpkin glow headless horseman moon halloween tshirt t shirt sweatshirt
Halloween Theme by Chriskar
Artist Chriskar stuns us again with his 3D design work and glowing fire elements. This design paints a picture of a creepy house on Halloween night. Murderous crows and scarecrows haunt the fields while pumpkins come to life and zombies burst through the ground! Survive all hallows' eve in this creepy Halloween t-shirt.

halloween monsters by moutchy pumpkin monster dracula vampire mummy it clown mutant skeleton grim reaper devil satan alien witch bat spider muder horror scary horror film t shirt tshirt sweatshirt
Halloween Monsters by Moutchy
What are YOU afraid of?! This classic pumpkin design showcases all your favorite Halloween monsters from Dracula and decaying mummies to the Grim Reaper and creepy clowns! This illustrative design captures a ton of detail in each of the characters and gives the design a 3D look. Grab this pumpkin t-shirt and scream for you life!

pumpkin snevi halloween horror scary tshirt minimal art design tshirt t shirt sweatshirt
Pumpkin by Snevi
This simplistic pumpkin design by new artist Snevi is straight to the point! Cool vectors mixed with curved lines create the idea of a pumpkin that's sure to freak anyone out. Creep out your neighbors with this horrific pumpkin t-shirt.

jack of pumpkins letterq design jack skellington nightmare before christmas xmas horror character pop culture parody movie pumpkin king playing card t shirt tshirt sweatshirt
Jack of Pumpkins by Letter-Q
Here comes the pumpkin king! This pop culture parody design features classic Halloween movie character Jack Skellington! In this design he's featured on a Halloween-themed playing card complete with candy canes and scary pumpkins. This classic, dark art design is a fresh take on a horrific character that audiences love! Capture the sandy claws in this cool pumpkin tee.

More Pumpkin & All Hallows' Eve Tees

halloweenie wotto character design moar brains zombie skeleton skull zombie cat kitties kitty kitten halloween tshirt t shirt witch pumpkin fire glow halloween tshirt t shirt
scary horror halloween pumpkin tshirt t shirt cute funny scary halloween pumpkin character tshirt t shirt design typography halloween pumpkin smile tshirt t shirt design art
pumpkin moon pug dog puppy pumpkin bat halloween tshirt t shirt headless horseman horse forest moon halloween pumpkin scary horror tshirt t shirt pumpkin head fire glow teeth horror scary halloween leaves tshirt t shirt

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