Day In The Life: Craig Watkins, Managing Order Processing

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You'€™d be surprised how much happens after you click '€œcheckout'€ on our website while drinking a frosty cold beverage!  Your order goes magically through the Internets and appears in our order queue waiting to be processed within 24 hours.

Bright and early, 6AM usually, our warehouse team shows up ready to prepare shirts for their journey around the globe or across the state.  When it'€™s really busy they show up at 4AM to make sure that all orders are processed in a timely manner. 

Anything that comes in or out of our warehouse is met and greeted by our very own '€œPacman'€.  Paco the Pacman is in charge of all of the warehouse workers and logistics of getting quality shirts into your hands.

Design By Humans Orders
Pacman chatting with Craig about order details

First, we print all of our packing slips by shipping type and priority.  For example, if you'€™ve made an order that has overnight shipping, you go to the front of the line! Once the order packing slips are printed, warehouse workers diligently scurry throughout the warehouse looking for where your shirt lives in our labyrinth of racks.  Each screen-printed tee has a home address or location code, which you may have seen on your packing slip before. Once the shirts for your order have been pulled, more warehouse workers will review the order to make sure that everything in your order is included in your package and that it'€™s correct.  They then place a special DBH sticker and the packing slip into your custom transparent Design By Humans poly bag.

If you order a DBH Collective tee, your order takes a different voyage.  Through all sorts of magic tricks and technology, your DBH Collective t-shirt gets hand selected each day by color and size.  We review the t-shirt to make sure there are no imperfections or flaws in the blank.  They are then shuffled off to be printed by one of our 2 digital printers.   The digital print room is the size of small apartment and is temperature and humidity controlled for maximum ink flow.  Once the t-shirt is printed, it goes through a dryer and into a basket.  Once the baskets are full they are whisked away to be either be shipped individually, or paired up with screen print t-shirts.

Once we have a bin full of bagged orders, they then move to our shipping station where a shipper scans the barcode and print a label.  At this point your order status goes from '€œprocessing'€ to '€œshipped'€ and it receives a tracking number.  Around 3:30 or 4, we load several bins on the FedEx and USPS trucks to be taken across the globe to land in your post boxes and door steps.

Each tee that we send out of our warehouse is checked for imperfections and passes quality assurance scrutiny from our team of warehouse specialist.   They'€™re driven by providing you, our customer, a quality t-shirt that we are all very proud of.

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