Day In The Life: Wotto, Creative Director - Art Review Process

Approving T Shirt Designs with Wotto (Craig), Creative Director at DBH

Our new friends at DITLO have created a website which documents a Day In The Life, of fascinating individuals all around the globe. They interviewed our very own Wotto and have published several photos and videos describing what it's like to be the Creative Director at Design By Humans. Throughout this week, we will highlight various topics which Wotto shared openly with DITLO so we can give you a glimpse of what it's like to work for one of the coolest companies on the block. Meet our creative director, Craig as he walks us through a Day in the Life at Design By Humans.

If you have ever submitted a t-shirt design to Design By Humans, there is a very high chance that I'€™ve examined your artwork in great detail.

When a t-shirt designer submits a piece of artwork for review, there are several aspects of the artwork that I look at to see if can be posted online for our daily contest or special contest.

  • Quality '€“ This covers a broad range of reasons but basically the artwork is pixilated, blurry or just not to the standard we expect
  • Placement '€“ This is common, people do not place the art on a tee or they place it badly, this will get rejected because if we cannot envisage how it will print we cannot expect people to vote on it
  • Copyright '€“ If you rip another artists work off, use a logo or symbol protected by copyright or a celebrity whose likeness is protected. We have an amazing network of artists who have seen millions of images, if you rip something and submit it we will find out
  • Format '€“ Distorted, squashed or blurred images will get you rejected
  • Too Many Colors '€“ Learn about the restrictions by reading our Screen-printing 101 and submit art that is within those limits -too many colors will get you rejected.

As the Creative Director of Design By Humans, I approve and review up to 100 pieces of artwork each day. When I arrive at work, one of the first things I do is to review all of the overnight submissions. We have software that allows us to zoom in and review each piece of artwork individually. If it meets the Design By Humans standards a simple click on '€œApprove'€ will get that artwork posted immediately. If the t-shirt design is rejected, we get the opportunity to tell the artist why it was rejected so they can either fix the artwork, or educate them for future submissions. We live by the philosophy of educate, support and grow all designers with constructive feedback.

Throughout the day, I will continually review art submissions so artist can begin to promote their t-shirt designs through their social media channels. If you'€™re submitting, my special eyes are seeing. Keep those submissions coming...

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