Day In The Life: Wotto, T Shirt Quality Checks

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Delivering a superior quality product is one of Design By Humans main goals.  We eat, breathe and sleep graphic tees and making sure that we provide the highest caliber tee is paramount.

Striving for excellence and superior t-shirt quality means that everything must be spot on and checked throughout the screen print production process.  On a daily basis I work with separators, printers, production specialists, and warehouse managers to guarantee the best quality goods are coming from our warehouse to you'€™re doorstep.

Press checks mean that I physically check the very first T-shirt of every design printed. I look at colors, placement, feel and how close it is to the art that was submitted. Tweaks are made and discussions had and then I sign it off as '€œapproved'€. Next the machine kicks into overdrive and the tees get printed. I usually take a second and third look during printing to make sure the design is printing consistently. It'€™s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Press Checks Design By Humans

Each t-shirt design that Design By Humans delivers has been press checked by me.  I put my stamp of approval on the art, color, and quality of print that you receive.  I stand by our superior quality t-shirts and we back them up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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