DBH Global Artists: France

This week's featured Global Artists are from the country of France. France is located in Western Europe and has a population of 66 million people. This country is well-known for its beautiful and vast terrain that contains everything from snow-covered Alps to beautiful beaches at the Mediterranean Sea. France is the most popular tourist destination and is home to one of the most iconic symbols in the world: the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is also home to over 40 art museums like the Musee du Louvre (that houses the Mona Lisa) and the Musee d'Orsay (which houses art by Monet and Van Gogh) and has been home to countless numbers of prestigious artists. The featured artists below hail from this inspiring country and showcase a wide variety of impressive styles.



DBH artist Donniiie creates a wide range of cartoon-based pop culture parody designs. The characters in his art range from parodies of minions to Wolverine and Pokemon. All these characters are created in the artist's signature style and make the icons of pop come alive with fun and humour. Donniiie easily showcases his ability to take widely popular shows and transform them into hysterical character tees that will resonate with any audience. In addition to his character design, Donniiee also shows off his design skills with smoke effects and 8-bit art in his full-to-the-brim collective.

More designs by donniiie


DBH artist EdWoody combines retro pop art with pop culture parody design to create bold pieces of art. He also fuses artistic styles together to create Warhol-esque pieces that are really bold. Using popular character features from Batman, Pokemon, and Breaking Bad, this artist creates retro parody vector portraits that are really something to see. In addition to his vectoring skills, EdWoody also creates more realistic-looking character art from parodies of Family Guy, Star Wars, and Sailor Moon that fuse together with other popular shows today. Some of his pieces also showcase his photo-real collage skills that show off a different side of his artistic abilities.

More designs by edwoody


DBH artist Kakolak has a wide variety of artistic skills that range from grunge textures and vector shapes to neon coloring and urban designs. Many of his top-selling pieces are music based and feature vectored pianos and grunge looking music notes, as well as urban cityscapes that resemble a raging equalizer. Kakolak also experiments with neon colors and paint splatter effects inside of textures that create bold designs. If you're looking for an artists that's got a ton of different pieces of art, make sure to check out his collective.

More designs by kakolak


DBH artist Ledude pays an amazing artistic tribute to famous director Miyazaki and one of his characters Totoro in his collective. His top-selling artwork features a different parody version of Totoro in a wide variety of different styles that fans are sure to love. Ledude also has an eye for strong vector design and other pop culture parody characters from Archer, The Walking Dead and Simpsons. His use of bright colors make his designs pop, while pulling significant details from each character really makes each design a successful parody.

More designs by ledude


DBH artist VCalahan takes surreal art to a whole new level. He combines everything from pop culture characters and horror films to zombies, mixed up animals and technology. He showcases a lot of different types of art in his collective that includes black and white photography, neon colors, photo collages, halftone patterns and more. A lot of his collage pieces comment on contemporary and some American culture, which gives his art a greater depth. If you're looking for art that will make you question reality, check out his collective.

More designs by Vcalahan

All of these French artists showcase a wide variety of skills and concepts that create amazing tee designs. From funny pop culture parody characters to mind-blowing surrealistic art, these DBH artists have proven they'€™ve got what it takes to create some impressive artwork. Here at DBH we also love to see when artists branch out of their comfort zone and design things that show off their other artistic abilities, which all of these artists have also done.

If you'€™ve got a suggestion on what country or artists we should feature next, let us know and leave us a comment below.

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