DBH Hoodies - Our Favorite Zip Friendly Designs

This time of year it's still pretty cold out there, maybe not 'snowmageddon' cold, but it may be time to stock up on sweatshirts, and what better than a zip hoodie (that way if it ends up being a little warmer than predicted you can handle it). To help you out we have compiled some great designs by our DBH artists that we think work perfect on our zip hoodies.

Demons in Me by Wotto
These guys lurk under the surface. A character based piece for people who like unique characters and fun art that need no explanation. Wiggly worm like characters with unique style and details all on one side of the zipper so none of the uniqueness is lost.

Data by Speakerine
Data used to be stored in so many different ways, floppy disk, VHS, cassette tape... and while most of these are now obsolete, who wouldn't want to remember them on a Zip Hoodie? So buck the trend of everyone wanting the smallest hard drive they can get and start wearing the coolest retro media hoodie there is.

The Quick Orange-Red Fox by kduce
Famously known for jumping over lazy dogs the cool brush stroke fox design looks like its just brushing up against the zipper on this hoodie.

Punishlade by Alecxps
This Deathstroke skull design works perfect on a zip up hoodie. Intimidating zipped up and just as terrifying unzipped, maybe try a skull tee like this underneath for even more impact.

Viper Fightby Pikkewynman
A Squadron of Colonial Vipers in a patrol flight in space - up your shirt. A Stylized portrayal of Battlestar Galactica's fighters strategically placed on the side so the zipper doesn't interrupt the design.

Clawed Kitten by RadionEX
This cute little cat looks like he is hanging on for dear life. I think he might just want some attention. Pull the zipper down a little for a fun effect.

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