Retro Gaming Tees

We at Design by humans can never get enough gaming tees. Link & Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Megaman are iconic characters in so many of our childhoods. We know that Zelda is not Link & that there are some great shortcuts in Mario Kart. We're sure you have your own tricks and tips for beating these games. Here are some cool retro gaming shirts by the artists here at Design by Humans, and check out our past classic gaming tees blog.

It's Dangerous to Play Alone by spike00
It's dangerous to play alone because gaming is always more fun with a friend. Get your game on with this illustrative tribute to Link & Zelda.

Mario Bros Kart Repair jwhitehead
Ready...Set...Go! Pick your character and your favorite track and get ready to win! throw that blue shell and get to the front and commemorate your win with this vintage looking mario bros shirt.

Dawn of Gaming by Naolito
Following the video game crash of 1983 Nintendo unveiled what we needed. Show your love for the NES with this primitive Donkey Kong shirt.

The Gamer Facial Hair Compendium
Can you recognize your favorite characters from just their facial hair? From Sonic the Hedgehog through to Final Fight this design has a gaming beard for all the retro gamers out there.

Mega Final Smash! by metrokard
Mega Man is here to save the day!! Whether a gamer or a hero, you will look awesome in this Mega man DBH shirt.

Controller by Bomdesinz
This is the controller of all controllers. Look closely and you can find every controler made all wrapped up into the one epic controller for the true gamer for all your gaming needs.

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