National Wear Red Day

Design by Humans has shirts covering all colors of the rainbow! And we have so many amazing designs to choose from. Celebrate National Wear Red Day to show solidarity for fighting heart disease in women. Here are some designs we think look great on red t-shirts.

I've Got a Cat in My Pocket by Artemple
This little kitty has got his eye on you. He'll follow you around wherever you go in a pocket that's just the right size for him.

Red Giraffe by huebucket
What you see here is a giraffe...but if you look closer you can see that this particular giraffe is made up little lady bugs all coming together to form the picture you see.

Human Heart X-Ray
What better shirt to wear to support heart disease than an x-ray of a heart? This shirt comes on quite a few colors but really pops on the red.

Inappropriate by yanmos
It could really be anything behind that pixelated blur...anything deemed inappropriate that is. This is where you can let your imagination go and picture it to be anything you'd like. It just feels like a perfect design for a red t-shirt.

Looking for the Dragon Balls by ddjvigo
A silhouette of Goku and his four stars ball with a backdrop of red make this tee awesome. A slight vintage texture is added to give it that worn feel.

Fox Lines by KerzoArt
This very simplistic fox design by KerzoArt really pops on a red t-shirt. The clean line mixed with the bright white make this fox design perfect for a show stopping t-shirt.

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