Deadly Samurai Tees

Samurai originated as powerful caste system warriors in Japan in the 12th century. These heroic warriors fought to protect their land with an intense moral code that centered around honor and discipline. It's no surprise that these heroic and symbolic warriors have also been featured in Japanese Art from the time they began fighting to protect their land. Artists here at DBH have reimagined these fierce fighters in different forms from dark and menacing to the ultimate protector. Check out the cool Samurai tees below and let us know what you think.

Samurai Tiger by oBrunoMota
Japanese imagery and detailed illustration collide in this unique samurai tee that features a heroic tiger in the place of a human samurai. The beautiful and elegant samurai tiger design shows off an intricate pencil drawing whose details are hard to miss. This artist took a different approach to the Samurai warrior through a symbolically strong animal that makes for one cool design.

samurai warrior clingcling red sword armor sun painted brush stroke tshirt tank top t shirt sweatshirt
Samurai Warrior by ClingCling
This dark Samurai design is simple, yet epically heroic at the same time. This Samurai was illustrated with dark shadows and painted effects that make him even more mysterious. The large red sun in the background creates an especially bold look for this warrior. Stand your ground in this dark Samurai design.

hero by kdeuce wacome see what you can do contest armor dark art painted ink splatter warrior japan japanese tshirt t shirt tank top sweatshirt

Hero by Kdeuce (Limited Sizes Left!)
This samurai design won our previous "Wacom See What You Can Do" contest because of its bold, dark art feel and subtle details. The brush stroke texture and paint splatter give this design another unique look while the smoke in the background adds another cool element. This warrior has left the battlefield victorious!

encore red moon edition rejagalu samurai warrior guitar music rock red sun tshirt t shirt tank top sweatshirt
Encore! (Red Moon Edition) by Rejagalu
Rock On! This awesome mashup design has combined a fierce Samurai warrior with a metal guitarist. This design has a ton of detail in the Samurai's ornate armor (even though it looks complicated, each piece had a specific use!). The highlights and shadows in this design also remind of us epic rock show lighting. Headbang to your favorite song in this awesome mashup Samurai tee.

samurai ngdesign painted ink splatter black and white bw abstract minimal design art tshirt t shirt tank top sweatshirt

Samurai by NGDesign
This minimalistic Samurai design was created with a mix of hand drawings and digital painting. This Japanese warrior shows off his Samurai swords with a fierce look. The ink splatters and drop give this design an active feeling that makes the warrior seem as if he's moving.

More Samurai Inspired Designs at DBH

warrior kdeuce sword warrior armor abstract shirt t shirt tank top sweatshirt mask of doom painted detailed cool samurai warrior japan japanese art design tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt samurai warrior skull skeleton dark art detailed armor sword red sun tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt

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