Galactic Tees

We've been fascinated with Space ever since we set foot on the moon. What's out there? Is there other life? These questions have spawned widely popular SciFi series from Star Wars to Firefly that show off amazing spaceships, space adventurers, distant galaxies and more. The Final Frontier has always been an immense, unexplored place, and artists here at DBH have let their imaginations run wild designing awesome galactic tees. Check out some of these space-inspired designs and travel to a galaxy far, far away.

Live Long and Brains by ShantyShawn "Beam Me Up, Zombie?!" This cool pop culture mashup tee features a walking dead version of Spock from the 1960s. The bright neon colors and halftone pattern give this Star Trek design a cool retro feeling. Live long and prosper in this zombified galactic tee.

Leaf On The Wind by 6amCrisis Can you fly like a leaf on the wind? This minimalist pop culture design gives literal meaning to an iconic quote from TV show Firefly and movie Serenity. Painted effects create a shadowed leaf with a Serenity ship cutout, creating a simple yet meaningful design. Soar into landing with this galactic tshirt.

More Galactic Designs From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

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